US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Small Businesses in Ukraine

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American taxpayers funding more than just the military

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While everyday American taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet, their money is reportedly subsidizing small businesses in Ukraine.

In addition to at least $43 billion in military aid, the US has pumped almost $25 billion of non-military aid into Ukraine’s economy since the war began in February 2022, according to a reports CBS News’s 60 Minutes..

Some of the taxpayers money is buying seeds/fertilizer for farmers, paying the salaries of 57,000 first responders and also subsidizing small businesses including a designer knitwear company in the Ukrainian capital.

Breitbart reports: The owner of the knitwear company, Tatiana Abramova, told CBS News, “Especially in the condition of war, we have to work.”

“We have to pay taxes, we have to pay wage, salary to our employees. We have to work, don’t stop,” she said.

When asked how supporting Ukraine’s economy would help it win the war, Abramova responded, “Because economy is the foundation of everything.”

According to CBS News, the United States Agency for International Development even helped Abramova find customers overseas.

The report said her company supports more than 70 employees and their families.

Abramova told CBS News, “We realize that it’s the aid from government, but it’s the aid from the heart of every ordinary American person.” She said she felt “Grateful. Great.”

This is happening as Americans struggle to make ends meet, according to a Sunday Bloomberg report:

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