Turkey Accuses US Of Staging Istanbul Nightclub Terror Attack

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Turkey accuses US of orchestrating Istanbul nightclub terror attack

The Turkish government has accused the US of orchestrating the recent Istanbul nightclub terrorist attack which left 39 people dead. 

President Erdogan has warned that his administration may revise their decision to allow a US air base in Incirlik as a result of nefarious US activities against the Turkish regime.

Pravdareport.com reports:

In an interview with Sputnik, authoritative security expert Jevad Galiyashevich noted that the US administration of Barack Obama was violating the laws of its own country, while President Obama was arming terrorists instead of fighting with them.

The terrorist attack at a night club in Istanbul came as an obvious attempt to avenge Turkish President Erdogan for his rapprochement with Russia. The Americans put their terrorist dogs on Erdogan to humiliate him and put pressure on Turkey to make the country step away from its plans to regulate the crisis in Syria, the expert added.

The attack on Reina night club in Istanbul took place on New Year’s night. A terrorist armed with an automatic rifle opened fire on people inside the club.

There were more than 700 guests in the club at the moment of the attack. The terrorist killed 39 people, including the security guard and 16 foreigners, 69 were wounded.

Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit tweeted a photo collage of outgoing US President Obama as the Istanbul terrorist, on which Obama does bear a striking resemblance to the Istanbul shooter. The caption to the picture said: “Clearest photo of the murderer.”