Official Gov’t Docs Prove Michelle Obama Did NOT Give Birth

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The rumors in D.C. that Michelle Obama is running for president in 2024 are true, according to Newt Gingrich who said that the former First Lady has already kicked off the soft launch of her presidential campaign.

The rumors in D.C. that Michelle Obama is running for president in 2024 are true, according to Newt Gingrich who said that the former First Lady has already kicked off the soft launch of her presidential campaign.

With Biden recording the lowest poll numbers for a sitting president in history, Democrats are desperate for Michelle Obama to step into the frame.

There is just one problem for Michelle Obama. The former first lady has been pretending to be something she is not since she first emerged on the national scene.

Unfortunately for Michelle and her political ambitions, we have got stone cold evidence that proves she has been living a lie for decades.

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As Michelle Obama prepares to enter the presidential race, it has never been so important to understand who Barack Obama’s partner really is.

On her X account, Michelle describes herself as three things: “a wife, mother, and dog lover.”

I can confirm at least two of those things are not true.

According to official documents obtained from the Illinois State Board of Elections, Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man from 1994 until 2008. The official documents also reveal Obama officially changed her sex to female in 2008, the same year her husband was running for the presidency.

How convenient.

The official board of elections documents were obtained from the state of Illinois by documentary maker Joel Gilbert who explains that he decided to “take a serious approach” to learn about Michelle Obama’s background because the mainstream media is terrified of going anywhere near the topic.

But Gilbert, a liberal, didn’t expect to find proof that Michelle was registered to vote as a man for fourteen years.

Gilbert was stunned when he received Michelle Obama’s official voter registration cards from 1994 and 2008. Describing the process of unraveling Michelle Obama’s “changing sexual identity,” Gilbert wrote:

Having recently obtained official documents from the state of Illinois, here is what I can say with assurance: I found proof in official documents that Michelle Obama registered to vote as a man in 1994. I also have official proof that, after 14 years of voting as a man, Michelle Obama changed her sex in 2008 from male to female. This is not more social media silliness, this is fact. I obtained the documents from the Illinois State Board of Elections only last week. Here is Michelle Obama’s official voter registration card from 1994 when she registered to vote as a man. The letter M is circled under Sex.

Then, on July 14, 2008, with her husband about to be nominated by the Democrats for the presidency, she changed her sex from male to female.

Incredible timing, I’m sure you will agree.

And before you accuse Joel Gilbert of carrying out a political hit job on Michelle Obama, there is one fact you should keep in mind. Despite discovering stone cold proof that Michelle registered to vote as a man in 1994, Gilbert still doesn’t believe she was born male. He charitably believes she must have “ticked the wrong box”. He explains:

“Her voter registration as a male was likely a clerical error of some sort made when Michelle completed her 1994 voter registration form. She must have only noticed it in 2008 and corrected it appropriately.”

Wow. Obama liberals really want to believe everything they are told.

Ask yourself: have you ever ticked the wrong box? Are we expected to believe that this basic task is beyond the capability of this Harvard Law School graduate?

Since the early days of the Obama administration, experts across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and declared that she is obviously a man.

In 2014, comedienne Joan Rivers fuelled both rumors in responding to a TMZ reporter who innocently asked her whether the U.S. would ever elect a gay president.

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” said Rivers, before adding, “You know Michelle is a tranny.” When asked to clarify her remark, she articulated slowly, “A trans-gen-der. We all know.”

Rivers’ comments fuelled social media postings of photos suggesting Michelle is really a man, and close-up slow-motion videos of her dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show purport to show something lurking in her pants.

The thing lurking in her pants might explain why she did not actually give birth to her daughters.

On June 14, 2015, allegations surfaced that Michelle Obama did not give birth to Malia and Sasha Obama when an ancestry search was conducted and resulted in no matches for the Obama daughters.

Adding to suspicions, Malia and Sasha were allegedly delivered by the Obama’s close family friend, Dr. Anita Blanchard, though no public record of these deliveries in existence.

Dr. Eowyn of Fellowship of the Mind was the first to suggest that the Obama’s Chicago friends the Nesbitts were the real parents of Sasha and Malia Obama in an article he posted on his web site.

There is certainly a close physical resemblance between the Nesbitts and Malia and Sasha.

The New York Times actually admit the Nesbitts had an “elaborate visiting schedule” that involved regular trips from Chicago to Washington D.C. during Obama’s presidency.

Who else do you know who organizes visiting schedules except… birth parents?

Less than two months after exposing Michelle Obama, Joan Rivers died as a result of what was supposed to be a minor throat procedure. Needless to say, her unexpected death cranked up the rumor mill, and even Barack Obama’s couldn’t resist letting the world in on Michelle’s big secret.

Malik Obama also confirmed what many had long suspected. There are no photos on Earth of Michelle Obama pregnant – including in the Obama family archives.

Malik also confirmed he will campaign against Michelle when she runs for president.

Proving how difficult it is to live a lie, Barack Obama himself has repeatedly slipped up and called her “Michael”… over and over again.

Hmm… Have you ever met a man who accidentally calls his wife by a man’s name?

Deception has been at the heart of the Obamas’ long-term strategy since day one. Barack and his co-conspirators have been grooming Michelle to run for president since 2016. As a first step, the power couple signed a $65 million offer to write their respective memoirs as soon as they left the White House.

Another tell-tale clue of the Democrats’ plans for Michelle came when they awarded her the coveted keynote speaker role at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. By way of parallel, Barack was the keynote convention speaker in 2004, four years before he was named as the candidate in 2008.

When last checked, Michelle had more than 18 million followers on Facebook, 20 million on Twitter and nearly 50 million on Instagram. When she speaks, usually with a political slant, Democrats sit up and listen.

But she will be a vulnerable candidate because she has so much to hide. Joe Gilbert, the filmmaker who obtained her voter registration cards, says “Only the truth can stop her.”

Michelle Obama has been pretending to be something she is not since she first emerged on the national scene. The truth is not her best friend.

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