USA on the ‘Brink of a Terrible Civil War’ – Millions Told to Prepare

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USA on the brink of a terrible civil war

328 million Americans should prepare for a “terrible civil war” in the USA, according to hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio.

“I believe we are on the brink of a terrible civil war,” the Bridgewater Associates founder wrote in a series of Twitter posts.

“We are at an inflection point between entering a type of hell of fighting or pulling back to work together for peace and prosperity,” he added.

“Our country is still in a terrible financial state and terribly divided.”

Dalio’s dire waring comes as conservatives in America face unprecedented censorship and as the elites continue to consolidate wealth and power amid a pandemic-induced economic crisis. reports: This was not the first time Dalio has warned that the US could fall into a kind of civil war if political and wealth gaps aren’t addressed. 

He has often warned that a lack of opportunity, income divides, and under-investment in education could cause irreversible damage. 

“I’ve studied the last 500 years of history and cycles: large wealth gaps with large values gaps at the same time that there’s a lot of debt and there’s an economic downturn produces conflict and vulnerability,” he told CNN’s Poppy Harlow in an interview aired last month.

Dalio also likened the recent exodus of CEOs and companies from business hubs like New York and San Francisco to Florida and Texas as a sort of “civil war.” 

“We’re seeing a form of civil war: people are leaving to go from one place to another, partially for taxes, but also partially for other reasons,” he said in December. “The worst alternative is that one side or another says, ‘This isn’t my country anymore. This isn’t my population.'”

On Sunday, Dalio said both Democrats and Republicans need to bring about change.

“Good words and spirit aren’t enough,” he wrote. “People will have to agree on both how to grow the pie and how to divide it well. That will require revolutionary change.”


  1. It’s a spiritual war that the people are oblivious to. They are t informed of the truth because ” they HATE truth ” as it exposes them And they control, as we all now ha e witnessed only yoo clearly zthe I formation news and speech And they have got decades ,centuries really and it was jyst for a brief period of I tenet freedom ,used to seduce everyone onto the net ,to be trapped in the web , that has given people this totally false notion that censorship wasnt rampant for most of the time anyway .

  2. when war breaks out, by pass the antifa useful idiots and go for the throat, Bill Gate, Bezos, twitter bearded guy, podesta and ltheir friends,. that would be my advice.

  3. To all of you leftists, socialists and progressives out there. We have moved way past time to listen, to compromise, to meet in the middle. The left refuses to listen and right won’t submit to their destructive vision for the country. The left can sit here and be as snarky as they want but the truth is that the country is divided with a hateful left continually doing its best to destroy what made America great. The country is headed for a civil war or another revolution and the only real question is what the timeline is? The right is preparing for it. We understand that it will be a fourth generation warfare kind of war. It will be nasty, vicious and deadly. There will be collateral damage that will take years to repair and probably every family in the country will suffer loses. So sit there and make fun of what you call rants. No civil war started without them. And no civil war ever started without skirmishes like antifa is fighting now. Sit there and make fun of the opinions of others. Yours has about the same significance as anyone else’s. But remember this. The Revolutionary war was fought with about 3% of the population. What is 3% of 330 million? The first Civil War was fought between armies. The next war won’t have those rules. The next war won’t have any rules at all. And whole groups of people will suffer starvation, disease and anarchy. Gangs, not part of any side, will run rampant and no one will be safe. Those of us who have seen war don’t want war. But those of us who are realistic realize that if one has to be fought, we will fight and no quarter will be given. Those of us who realize that if one has to be fought, we are the ones who will have to fight it. So be as snarky as you want but don’t be surprised that if there is a civil war, you are the victim of an IED or a booby-trap or caught in a crossfire.

  4. It’s not just the USA Look at Italy ,Estonia Holland Germany etcetera Theres a SECRET war houng on behind the theatre of operations being concealed by the Covid act Another entire legal agendas happening that only those who are sworn to secrecy are aware of .And naturally journalists are the very LAST to ever know the truth about anything and the FIRST to be tested for their credulity and compliance to the politically correct storylines .Either as corruptions or naivette One or the other As above so below .Organised crime IS running tbe world TOTALLY almost now .Its interesting Biden arrived by PRIVATE jet for his inauguration. Trump criminalised election fraud in 2018 .A little known legal act effectively ended Americas Corporate status on Jan the 19th The military turned their backs on Biden Literally He did NOT sign any executive orders as he said he was doing but blank sheets of paper Apparently with tbat legal Act on tbe 19 th he is president with no executive authority over a non entity .Grace Jones ( whose dad was a pastor or priest ) album HURRICANE which includes Corporate Cannibals and Trumps talk of a Storm are all making more sense

      • And on reflection I now understand that America is the last Nation left that isnt as yet totally controlled bly organised crime .Wverywhere else is run by criminals who soon will be able to come out of hiding behind their velvet gloves America is the last obstacle to domination globally .If it falls the world is doomed to a quasi socialist fraud concealing totalitarian communists by deceiving the people who will be slaves in everything but ” image ” And just like any monk or nun in any convent or monastery will oen nothing will have no free speech or movement of anything Will have to have permission for every action or even almost word they take or say .Will be totally totally like little children with no legal rights at all Except to Comply and Obey and work work work .

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