Whooping Cough Outbreak In Utah Only In Vaccinated Children

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Whooping Cough Outbreak In Utah Only In Vaccinated Children

Park City in Utah  is experiencing an outbreak of whooping cough (pertussis). So far, 19 children have been diagnosed with the illness.

This is first time in many years that the area has experienced even one case of pertussis.

Could it be that the pertussis vaccine is actually causing pertussis?

Global Research reports: The most alarming aspect of the matter is that so far, all of the children diagnosed with whooping cough had been vaccinated against it. Of course, medical authorities have no good answer or understanding about how this could happen – fueling the debate about vaccine dangers. Unfortunately, some in the pro-vaccine community are attempting to twist things around as a “plus” for vaccines.

Dozens of children have been tested so far, making it a busy week for pediatricians in Park City. Many more kids are expected to be tested. Pertussis is highly contagious, and it is perplexing to Park City officials that all of the infected kids are up to date with vaccinations; however, it is not as surprising to those who are already aware of vaccine dangers.

Pro-vaccine advocates twist the truth to support the pharmaceutical industry

Needless to say, parents are demanding answers as to why kids who received the pertussis vaccine were the ones to come down with it. While some medical experts have tried to remind parents that such vaccines are only “90 to 95 percent effective,” the sheer number of kids who are being affected in Park City suggest that this percentage is much, much lower.

Pertussis begins with cold-like symptoms and progresses rapidly to a severe cough. Some medical professionals are lamely offering the consolation that since the kids were immunized – their cases of whooping cough aren’t as contagious and won’t be as severe as they would’ve been otherwise.

They even have the gall to say that infants and immuno-compromised persons are “fortunate,” as they would’ve been much more ill if they hadn’t had the vaccine.

It’s no surprise: Vaccine history repeats itself

The truth is that the medical community has known about the pertussis vaccine dangers since at least 2010. One study done in California after a whooping cough outbreak there showed that 81 percent of whooping cough cases in children occurred in those who had received the pertussis vaccine; only eight percent of the infected persons had not been vaccinated.

The study also showed that infection rates markedly increased after three years of receiving the vaccine.

This study, as well as the current Park City outbreak, are more than enough evidence that the pertussis vaccine is not only ineffective, but that is seems to be causing more cases of the illness. However, instead of renewing their explorations into the truth, medical professionals are characterizing these developments as a “good reminder to keep kids up to date on immunizations.”

It’s beyond appalling that medical professionals are attempting to twist this shocking development so that they can continue pushing vaccines. It’s yet another reminder to parents that they should do their own research and make informed decisions about whether or not a vaccine is a good idea for their children.

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