Barack Obama’s Brother Says Former President Is Addicted To ‘Adrenochrome’

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Former President Barack Obama “sold his soul” to the darkest forces in the universe to gain money, power and achieve his political ambitions, according to his older brother Malik who has gone on record accusing Barack of being addicted to the elites’s drug of choice, adrenochrome.

Malik Obama has warned that Barack “literally sold his soul to Satan” to join the Illuminati and membership of this elite club comes with a host of disturbing roles and responsibilities.

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. Multiple whistleblowers have confirmed Hollywood celebrities and “global elite” politicians are regular users of the drug which is harvested from the adrenal glands of children.

After a series of posts slamming his younger half-brother, the Trump supporter from Kenya revealed that Barack Obama is not who he appears to be:

“Me and Fake a** a snake [President Barack Obama] when he was a nobody,” along with an old photo of them in Kenyan garb. The next day, he commented, “Before he became a SNOB.”

According to a 2013 GQ feature piece on Malik, the two share a father, Barack H. Obama Sr., and were once very close.

Three years later, something reportedly changed in the family dynamic. Barack served as president of the United States from January 2009, when he was inaugurated, until January 2017, when former President Donald Trump took office.

Malik told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in 2016 that he had a healthy relationship with his younger brother up until he was elected as president.

He cited communication difficulties and an inability to talk to him as contributing factors to the rising tensions. Malik did, however, admit to being invited to the White House at least once a year.

“Before he was running for office, he was everybody’s friend. I think that office has changed him,” said Malik, claiming Barack had fallen “into the matrix.”

He went on to express great disappointment in the former president’s “lack of humility.”

Malik also declared his support for Trump in the same interview. The 45th president was running against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) at the time.

In a since deleted post, Malik also revealed that his brother is a closet homosexual.

Additionally, multiple accusers have come out in the past few years and joined in on the allegations, claiming that they have personally had homosexual relations with the former president at bath houses, clubs, bars, and even at political events.

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