Reuters Caught Removing Data Showing Trump Lead

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Reuters have been caught deleting their polling data from the last four days that pointed to a late surge by Donald Trump.

Reuters Polling Explorer have been caught deleting their polling data from the last four days that pointed to a late surge by Donald Trump and nosediving figures for Hillary Clinton.

Though the data has been removed from Reuters website, the page has been archived here.

Reuters polling data deleted

Is the fix in?

Voters in key swing states across the country have been reporting issues with voting machines flipping their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. While poll workers say the machines just need to be “re-calibrated” it is strange that all of the reports claim the votes were switched to Clinton.

There has been widespread chaos in swing states this today. A suit has just been filed with a superior court in North Carolina calling for an emergency order to force the state board of elections to keep polling places open until 9pm tonight.

North Carolina isn’t the only swing state where voting has been severely disrupted by malfunctioning voting machines. Local news stations are reporting that Colorado’s statewide voter registration systems are crashing. Colorado is a same-day registration state, which means that for those who are arriving at their polling stations with the intent to register and vote, they are being provided with provisional ballots.

Colorado voters are complaining about being forced to vote with provisional ballots, pointing out the last time provisional ballots were forced on voters, Hillary Clinton “defeated” Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Same old dirty tricks?

WikiLeaks released an email yesterday that featured Democratic official Brett Budowski – now a columnist at The Hill – writing to John Podesta and mentioning “the fixed game” played by senior Democrats.

Budowski wrote to Podesta: “I come out of the House Democratic leadership under 3 Democratic speakers as well as working 6 years for Lloyd Bentsen. I know how the game is played and I know how the fix was in, because I helped fix games under some of the best such as Tip and Jim Wright.

Can the corrupt Washington elite continue to claim that there is no such thing as “rigged election” when we can see it with our own eyes, and WikiLeaks have exposed Democratic insiders mentioning it to each other?

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