Cold Russian Winds Set To Freeze Britain

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Britain is expecting freezing cold weather coming in from Scandinavia and Russia

Russian winds

Temperatures in the UK are set to drop to -3 as the Russian winds blow cold air across the continent.

Forecasters predict a chilly 10C during the day throughout the week and frosty nights as the warm Indian summer gives way to icy European winter.

The Daily Star reports:

The dramatic change will see the mild weather pushed out by bitter easterly winds from Russia and Scandinavia.

And the cold winds will force temperatures below average for October. Forecaster Emma Sharples said: “It will start to feel cooler as easterly winds bring colder air from eastern Europe across the UK.

“Most places will see some sunshine by day but along the east coast it will be cloudier with the chance of some showers.

“We can expect some chilly nights, too.” And there is even a chance of some snowfall over the Scottish hills by the end of the week.

Leon Brown, forecaster for The Weather Channel UK, added there will be showers in the north.

He said: “Beware of dense fog over north and northeast England and also chilly nights and local frosts with temperatures in general 2C or so below normal.

“Later this week a cold front may move down across the UK from the north.

Showers following to the far north are cold enough to be wintry over the Scottish Highlands on Thursday night.”



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