Violent Clashes In Athens As Greek MPs Debate Eurozone Bailout

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Clashes in Athens as Greek MPs debate Eurozone bailout

Clashes have broken outside the Greek Parliament in Athens. Police have deployed pepper spray and tear gas against protestors who were hurling Molotov cocktails and rocks during a huge protest against the bailout deal and austerity.

Protesters and riot police have clashed in a square outside Greece’s parliament ahead of a debate on a bailout package for the country.

Just before the clashes, protesters marched waving banners reading “Cancel the bailout!” and “No to the policies of the EU, the ECB and the IMF.”

Pharmacists pulled down their shutters across Greece and civil servants walked off their jobs in protest during a 24-hour strike against the reforms.

Lawmakers are set to vote after midnight on pension reforms and tax hikes that are hard to accept for many in a country where unemployment has jumped above 25 percent and the economy has shrunk by a quarter over the course of two previous bailouts.

The Guardian reports:

Greek anti-establishment protesters clash with riot police outside parliament in Athens, throwing petrol bombs and setting cars alight. The violent clashes, the worst in several years, break out as lawmakers begin to debate the austerity package demanded by EU as a condition for beginning talks on a new bailout deal

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