Saskatchewan: Canadian Wildfires Blazing Out Of Control

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Canadian wildfires

Canadian wildfires in the province of Saskatchewan have been blazing for almost two weeks leaving tens of thousands of hectares of forest burning.

The Canadian military has been called in to help fight wildfires in the Western province, where more than 100 active fires have forced the evacuation of more than 13,000 people and threatened several remote towns.

Wildfires have nearly doubled in the region following the merger of two separate blazes.

The Lac La Ronge, in Saskatchewan was like a sea of flames following the intense blazes RT reported, while the sounds of the wildfires could be heard from some distance away.

The merger of two separate wildfires has created a blaze in the province, which is covering an area of 100,000 hectares and has forced several thousand local residents to evacuate the area. The massive fire is also threatening two major oil sand projects in Saskatchewan.

Officials said that there has been some rain but not enough to change the size or scope of the wildfires.

Global news reports:

No communities are facing an increased threat compared to yesterday, but officials would not comment on whether any evacuees will be sent home soon.

Thousands of fire evacuees are anxious to return home, but officials are urging them to be patient and ignore rumours. They say word on social media that an evacuation order will soon be lifted for Montreal Lake is incorrect.

About 13,000 people remain out of their homes in 50 communities north due to a higher than average number fires and hazardous smoke.


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