Thousands Forced To Evacuate Homes As Wildfires Burn Across Canada

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Thousands of people in Canada have been forced thousands to evacuate their homes as hundreds of wildfires burn across the country.

Thick smoke is being sent as far south as the US state of Colorado, according to officials.

Fires are burning in parts of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, more than 13,000 people have been forced  to evacuate from their homes.

Press TV report:

The number is set to increase as further evacuation orders have been given to 60 communities in the province, according to a statement from the province’s government.

The statement added that there are 118 wildfires raging in the province.

According to local media, homes have been destroyed along with other private and public owned properties.

Several hundred firefighters have been deployed since Wednesday and another 1,400 are training to be deployed to the hotspots, MP Randy Hoback said.

Blazes are burning in other parts of the country, including the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

On Wednesday, 62 firefighters from Mexico were going to Alberta to help battle 92 wildfires, including 33 listed as “out of control.”

With more than 180 fires raging in British Colombia, the province was also bringing in crews from Australia to fight the fires.

The smoke has reached about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) south, and smoke advisories have been issued in US cities such as Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs.

Since last week, when the fires began, at least one firefighter has been killed.

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