WikiLeaks Offer James Comey A Job

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WikiLeaks extended an offer of employment to former FBI Director James Comey, attempting to lure him from the dark side to the side of truth.

WikiLeaks wasted no time on Tuesday extending an offer of employment to former FBI Director James Comey, attempting to lure him from the dark side to the side of truth.

Presumably Julian Assange believes even the most craven, corrupt former public official is not beyond redemption.

Hours after Comey was unceremoniously fired by President Trump, Julian Assange reached out to the FBI man and suggested he could “help lead” the WikiLeaks office in Washington D.C.

The job offer was a surprise, considering that around the same time today, WikiLeaks retweeted a tweet from March 20 that called out Comey for misleading Congress about Republican emails not being released in 2016: reports: This tweet runs counter to the rumor often shared during the primary and the general election that WikiLeaks was not at all interested in any information that might be damaging to Trump.

Comey’s tenure this past year has been full of rumors, including unfounded rumors that he and WikiLeaks were working together. In October and November, some people believed that Comey’s announcement about the FBI investigating Clinton’s emails was timed to hurt her chances at being re-elected. But then after Trump was elected, Comey’s investigation into potential ties between Trump and Russia fueled rumors that Comey was siding with Democrats. It seemed that no matter what he did, his decisions sparked a lot of rumors.

Assange’s offer to hire Comey might quiet unfounded rumors that WikiLeaks was working with Russia, since Russia’s involvement with Trump’s campaign was exactly what Comey was last investigating when he was fired. (Comey doesn’t need to take Assange’s offer, however. His net worth is high enough to support him and his family, even without a salary.)

The bottom line is that rumors about Comey seem to be flip-flipping a lot lately. At one point, people speculated that Comey was on the Republicans’ side. Now that he’s been fired by the Republican President, rumors are pretty much flipped. Ultimately, this makes it seem that Comey was likely not on any political side, but just trying to do his job in a volatile and difficult environment.

Assange, meanwhile, is also encouraging Comey to run for President in 2020:

What do you think about Assange’s offer to hire Comey and about Trump’s decision to fire him? Let us know in the comments below.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. He is now unemployable.. he will go down as the most disgusting disgraced person to ever serve himself….and not serve the american people .. when he was cross examined by Trey Gowdy he exposed himself for the lizard that he is… disgraceful..absolutely disgraceful individual

  2. I advise Mr. Trump should appoint or hire WikiLeaks TO BECOME U. S independent INVESTIGATION. That will freak the crap out of the Democrats

  3. “Ultimately, this makes it seem that Comey was likely not on any political side, but just trying to do his job in a volatile and difficult environment.”


    Er – NO! Comey was a snake oil salesman with conflicts of interest oozing out of every pore. He violated the law by taking over the responsibilities of Loretta Lynch and refusing to indict guilty-beyond-sin Hillary Clinton after setting forth a masterful case of why he should.

    He set up deals that allowed Clinton to NOT be recorded when she came in to answer questions about her pay-to-play private server on which she had stashed top-secret information – a TREASONOUS crime.

    He gave Cheryl Mills immunity.

    He soft-balled Huma Abedin.

    He lied to Congress to protect Clinton. He lied to Trump to protect Comey.

    He turned his back on the investigative skills of his own agency to accept a 3rd party technical report concerning the DNC server and whether or not it was hacked by Russia. No 2nd opinion demanded by him to the DNC to permit a thorough investigation by his technical agents.

    Who did all these “favors” favor? Certainly NOT Trump or the Republican party. And most assuredly NOT the American people who pay his salary. So your conclusion is totally wrong. Comey’s loyalties remained continuously with the Deep State and all its many-fanged lizards.

    Good riddance to really bad trash!

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