Brooklyn Jews Campaign Against Iran Nuclear Deal

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Heavily Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods in New York bombard congresswoman with messages to vote against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal
Crown Heights Hasidic Jews
Crown Heights Jews in New York flood their Congresswoman’s office with over a 1000 phone calls in an attempt to block the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Using a massive campaign to block Iran’s march to the bomb, campaigners from the 3rd largest Jewish district in the U.S. have used banners to alert the public to the dangers of Iran acquiring an Atomic bomb. Banners reading “Death to Israel. Death to the USA” aim to remind residents of the dangerous rhetoric that has been coming out of Iran. Jews from New York’s Crown Heights have opened a new front in the fight to achieve a 2/3 majority in Congress to withstand the Presidential veto.

Israel National News reports:

A grassroots campaign has started in the Brooklyn neighborhood, calling on Democratic Congresswoman Yvette Clarke to vote against the deal. Clarke represents the third largest Jewish district in America; around 25% of her constituents are Jews. The heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush and Kensington fall within her district.


No less than 30 Crown Heights synagogues and community organizations have warned their members over the dangers of the deal, and critics of the deal hung several 20-foot banners across Kingston, Albany and Brooklyn.

Iran Nuclear Deal

One of the banners read “Death to Israel. Death to the USA,” in a quote from statements Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made just days after the nuclear agreement. Other banners warned that the deal “gives billions to terrorists,” and, “the deal endangers us all.”

All of the banners feature Clarke’s phone number and urge residents to call her in a demand that she vote against the deal.

Her office’s phone lines were tied up and her voicemail full by midday Wednesday, according to residents, indicating the success of the campaign. Campaign organizers estimate that around 1,200 concerned residents have called Clarke since the campaign started.

“The congresswoman is aware that the community has never been this passionate about a congressional vote before,” said Rabbi Mendy Margolin, a resident of Crown Heights. “Hundreds are calling dally and urging her to oppose. I think it is going to be very for hard for her to support the deal.”

The grassroots campaign follows the civil disobedience used by New YoIran Nuclear Dealrk Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) and eight other Jewish activists late last month, when they campaigned Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to oppose the deal.

Already a growing majority of congressmen oppose the deal, including leading Democrats, boosting hopes that a veto-proof majority will be achieved.

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