Larry Fink CEO of Blackrock: ‘Markets Don’t Like Uncertainty, They Like Totalitarian Governments’

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Blackrock CEO and WEF member Larry Fink has said the quiet part out loud, admitting that the globalist elite consider totalitarianism to be the best form of government in which to control the markets and the masses.

BlackRock lists the World Economic Forum as one of its “key diversity partners,” which promotes mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, abortion access, and the globalist Great Reset.

The elite don’t like democracy, admits Fink. It’s too “messy.” Instead, they want authoritarian control over the masses. This includes digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currencies, 15 Minute Cities, and Social Credit Scores.

If you think this sounds uncannily like China, then you are correct.

The global elite’s plans for the West are clearly influenced by Chinese social policy.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab appeared on Chinese TV recently praising the Chinese Communist Party’s social policies while arguing that white people in America are no longer “relevant” to the WEF’s plans for global progressive change.

The chairman of Blackrock, the world’s biggest asset manager and key partner of the World Economic Forum, went on record declaring the arrival of the “New World Order” in 2022.

“We’re in a new world order of geopolitical fragmentation,” said Tom Donilon, chairman of Blackrock’s Investment Institute and Barack Obama’s former NSA advisor.

BlackRock manages almost $10 trillion in investments, making it the world’s biggest asset manager and is a big player in companies developing digital vaccine passports and “digital wallets” that track and allocate carbon allowances. 

Its promotion of a New World Order legitimizes what the mainstream media still attempts to deride as a “conspiracy theory.”

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