Europe Told To Prepare For A Long, Cold Winter

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cold winter

Consumers across Europe have been issued a bleak warning about this years winter which will be long, cold and uncomfortable because of challenges to global energy supplies

They have been told to lower their thermostats and make all necessary “behavior adjustments” as Europe faces “unprecedented risks” to global natural gas delivery networks.

The news comes as energy regulator Ofgem warns that Britain also faces a “significant risk” of gas shortages this winter.

Breirtbart reports: The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its quarterly gas report European Union (E.U.) countries would need to reduce use by at least 13 percent over the winter in case of a complete Russian cutoff amid the war in Ukraine.

Much of that cutback would reportedly have to come from consumer behavior such as turning down thermostats by one degree and adjusting boiler temperatures as well as industrial and utility conservation, the group said.

Germany has already issued a warning of its own about the troubles that lay ahead, as Breitbart London reported, cautioning the situation was extremely tense and there is a possibility the country may run out of gas.

The E.U. on Friday agreed to mandate a reduction in electricity consumption by at least five percent during peak price hours by mandating controls on consumer use and supply.

AP reports another hazard identified in the study was a late winter cold snap, which would be particularly challenging because underground gas reserves flow more slowly at the end of the season due to less gas and lower pressure in the storage caverns.


  1. The firewood price is up 1,000% there over last year at this time in Europe.
    Europe will probably be dragging out their Lenin Statues from storage.

    • Course None of the dumb vastards thought of planting any trees and the evil councils cut them all down and steal the firewood for their circle.

      • Russia has 50% of the world’s trees too. Along with 35% of the known gas reserves. Russia is top-heavy with energy.

  2. They lived through winters without air conditioning for thousands of years before They put on warm clothes, not polyester cotton flimsy rags with ticks on them. Chinese wore thick silk Nothing is warmer Not even cashmere or angora.

  3. Well I’ve been researching weather warfare and climate change via haarp the joint us Russia operation they set up on alaska throughout the cold War.
    They can create high and low pressure areas EASILY from Alaska using their generators that consume produce a billion mega Watts of energy and direct them by bouncing them off the chemtrails they have woven into the atmosphere for that purpose. When they create snow that collects depleted Uranium and radioactivity, as does Hail and rain, but snow and ice collect the most, and so then dumps radiation onto the planet people crops dams reservoirs rivers oceans streams below contaminating everything.
    Uranium mining is via phosphate harvesting but they only extract around 15%of Uranium and the rest goes into fertilisers. They then crop dust agricultural regions, have done for decades with radioactive phosphates. You know the half life.
    They have poisoned the whole planet. You should see the lists of illnesses they know they’ve caused, and especially in utero newborns infants toddlers and the elderly who are the most vulnerable.
    And they’re all in it together as a class.

  4. The biggest problem of Europe is the European Union. Their experiment with socialism is bound to end with disaster.

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