MSNBC Host: Condoleezza Rice Is a ‘Soldier for White Supremacy’

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Condoleezza Rice described as a white supremacist by MSNBC host

A former MSNBC host has slammed Condoleezza Rice for being a “disgusting soldier for white supremacy,” after the former Secretary of State spoke out against ‘woke’ Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.

In a scathing op-ed Toure Neblett declared that Rice’s “thoughts on critical race theory are completely white-centric, as in, they revolve around the thoughts and needs of white people.”

He warned that “Condoleezza Rice’s recent appearance on The View was offensive and disgusting for many reasons, but she was who we thought she was: a soldier for white supremacy.” reports: Rice said on The View that in her opinion CRT “is a conversation that has gone in the wrong direction,” further explaining that “I would like black kids to be completely empowered, to know that they are beautiful in their blackness, but in order to do that, I don’t have to make white kids feel bad for being white.”

“One of the worries that I have about the way that we’re talking about race is that it either seems so big that somehow white people now have to feel guilty for everything that happened in the past,” Rice, now the Director of the Hoover Institution, further emphasised.

She added, “We teach the good and we teach the bad of history, but what we don’t do is make 7 and 10 year-olds feel that they are somehow bad people because of the color of their skin. We’ve been through that and we don’t want to do that again.”

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In his response, Neblett countered that “White children and adults should absolutely feel bad about the past atrocities committed by white Americans.”

“They should feel guilty. They should cringe at what their ancestors did. They should also understand that modern white power is directly related to those atrocities,” he further declared.

Neblett’s accusations against Rice prompted some to return to past accusations made against him:

So far, 21 states in the U.S. have moved to enact legislation restricting the teaching of CRT in schools.

The Biden administration has expressed a desire to punish parents who stand up against the divisive theory being taught to their children.

The developments come in the wake of video emerging of a teacher at a high school in Ohio talking about books and themes closely associated with CRT, despite previous promises to parents from officials that it wasn’t happening in the district’s schools.
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