Pro-Trump Militia Prepare For Armed Unrest If Clinton Wins

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Members of a militia group in the US state of Georgia are preparing for civil unrest should Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton win next week’s election.

As the presidential election nears its conclusion, pro-Trump militia members are preparing for the possibility of a rigged election on November 8th, an armed march to Washington and civil unrest in the days following a victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Three Percent Security Force claims it will not fire the first shot. However, its members are not planning to leave their guns at home either.

Press TV reports:

Chris Hill, leader of the Three Percent Security Force militia, said if Clinton beats her Republican opponent Donald Trump on November 8, they would not remain silent, Reuters reported Wednesday.

“This is the last chance to save America from ruin. I’m surprised I was able to survive or suffer through eight years of [President Barack] Obama without literally going insane, but Hillary is going to be more of the same,” said Hill, who goes by the name of “Bloodagent.”

In case of a fraudulent Clinton victory, Hill said the group will march on Washington to protect protesters and prevent the new president from taking their guns.

“I will be there to render assistance to my fellow countrymen, and prevent them from being disarmed, and I will fight and I will kill and I may die in the process,” said Hill.

Throughout her campaign, Clinton spared no opportunity to slam the US gun lobby and push for tighter gun control.

“We just have too many guns in this country in the wrong hands,” she once said in a campaign event. “We have to address it.”

Trump, however, believes Americans have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Members of the III% Security Force militia gather for a field training exercise in Jackson, Georgia, October 29, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)

This strong support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution has brought Trump an unprecedented popularity among armed groups and gun advocates.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), a major American gun lobby group, endorsed the New York businessman in May, weeks before he was elected as the Republican Party’s nominee.

According to Reuters, the militiamen had been training with their rifles for days. They had even designed a training area in the jungle to deal with more complex situations.

“We’ve building up for this, just like the Marines,” Hill said. “We are going to really train harder and try to increase our operational capabilities in the event that this is the day that we hoped would never come.”

The group, which fiercely backs Trump, shares with him the belief that the country’s election process is “rigged.”


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