German Judge Given 2 Yr Suspended Sentence For Overturning School Face Mask Mandates

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A German family court judge has been given a two-year suspended sentence for attempting to overturn face mask mandates at schools in Weimar two years ago.

In April 2021, the presiding judge of the Weimar District Court ruled that mask mandates were unconstitutional. He also said they were not only ineffective but dangerous to children’s mental and physical well-being.

The judge had ruled: “Such a danger is present here. For the children are not only endangered in their mental, physical and psychological well-being by the obligation to wear face masks during school hours, and to keep their distance from each other and from other persons, but they have already been harmed”

“At the same time, there is violation of numerous rights of the children and their parents under the law, the constitution and international conventions.”

He added: “The children are physically, psychologically and pedagogically damaged and their rights are violated without any benefit for the children themselves or third parties”

InfoWars reports: In that ruling, the court also noted that scientific evidence shows masking and social distancing did not reduce COVID infections or transmissibility and even harmed individuals.

“There is no evidence that face masks of various types can reduce the risk of infection by SARS-CoV-2 at all, or even appreciably. This statement applies to people of all ages, including children and adolescents, as well as asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic and symptomatic individuals,” the court ruled.

“On the contrary, there is the possibility that the even more frequent hand-face contact when wearing masks increases the risk of coming into contact with the pathogen oneself or bringing fellow humans into contact with it. For the normal population, there is no risk of infection in either the public or private sphere that could be reduced by wearing face masks (or other measures). There is no evidence that compliance with distance requirements can reduce the risk of infection. This applies to people of all ages, including children and adolescents.”

The Weimar court’s ruling was later overturned by higher courts during the Plandemic.

Now, two years later, the Thuringian Higher Regional Court ruled Wednesday that the Weimar judge was not authorized to make such a ruling and found him guilty of “perversion of justice.”

“The public prosecutor’s office had requested three years in prison, the defense lawyers an acquittal. A public prosecutor said in her plea at the Erfurt Regional Court that the family judge had secretly and “with a high level of criminal energy” set up a child protection procedure to take action against the mask requirement. He wanted to send a signal against the state measures that existed at the time,” reported the Teller Report.

“The judge’s decision was overturned in subsequent instances. The lawyer had no jurisdiction for the question submitted to him, the Thuringian Higher Regional Court decided. The judicial review of state orders on corona protection measures is ‘solely the responsibility of the administrative courts.’ The Federal Court of Justice has since confirmed this view.”

This comes as the Biden regime and other governments are preparing to reimpose COVID tyranny protocols, including mask mandates, as reports emerge of new COVID subvariants spreading in the U.S. and UK.

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