CNN Fires Three Unvaccinated Employees

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CNN has just put itself on the cutting edge of Covid-19 vaccine authoritarianism by firing three unidentified employees who came to work without having their jabs.

Reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted that CNN president Jeff Zucker told staffers in a memo: “In the past week, we have been made aware of three employees who were coming to the office unvaccinated…..All three have been terminated. Let me be clear: We have a zero-tolerance policy on this.

RT reports: The move marks one of the first publicized cases of a private-sector US employer firing workers who failed to get vaccinated against Covid-19, particularly in an industry outside of healthcare. The Houston Methodist hospital system in Texas said in June that 153 employees had either been fired or resigned because they refused to comply with the company’s vaccination mandate.

But rather than scoring virtue-signaling points with its firings, CNN was met with ridicule on social media. “CNN fires three unvaccinated staffers but still employs Fredo and that dude who pleasured himself during the Zoom call,” podcast host Todd Starnes said on Twitter, referring to primetime host Chris Cuomo and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

CNN stood by Cuomo after it came to light that he helped advise his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on responding to sexual-harassment allegations by current and former employees. The outlet brought back Toobin in June, eight months after he was put on leave for exposing himself masturbating while on a Zoom teleconference with co-workers.

“So CNN has a zero-tolerance policy for not getting vaxxed but won’t fire one who was caught jerking off on a Zoom call or if one helped craft statements for an embattled governor amid sexual-harassment claims,” journalist Mona Salama said.

Aaron Ginn, co-founder of technology policy group Lincoln Network, said the firings cleared out any remaining contrarians on a staff that’s dominated by groupthink.

“Translation: The three remaining heterodox thinkers at CNN were fired today,” he tweeted.

It’s not clear how Zucker discovered the three vaccine violators in CNN’s ranks, as the company has an “honor system” for complying with its inoculation mandate. But after the jab bust, that may be changing. “We expect that in the weeks ahead, showing proof of vaccination may become a formal part of the… passcard process,” Zucker said.

Ironically, the jettisoned employees apparently didn’t yet have to go to the office. Staffers have been allowed to work from home because of the pandemic, and CNN’s offices are open to workers on a voluntary basis.

Most US employees were scheduled to return to their offices on September 7, but Zucker pushed that target back to around mid-October. “This was not an easy decision,” he said, “and there is much to consider.”

CNN, which hyped Covid-19 deaths at the height of the pandemic to boost ratings, has promoted draconian social-distancing and vaccination policies. Former Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen, now a medical analyst for CNN, said in April on Chris Cuomo’s show that she feared Americans would “go out and enjoy these freedoms” if the Biden administration didn’t mandate vaccinations to be able to participate in society. Earlier this week, she said everyone should wear masks in public because “we can’t trust the unvaccinated.”


  1. I hope they sue CNN into oblivion. But the u.s. court system always sides with big corporations over individuals.

    • The Rule of Law is the Pope’s and at the end of the day that’s because of Corpus Christi The Incorporation .

      • And that is because Christi basically means the King The Jesuits are a Spanish Society under the King of Spain who also claims the throne of France The Pope is Jesuit .The King of Kings is the King of Spain .

        • And he ran the Temple Bar which rules all barristers and all lawyers swear allegiance to the Sovereign Globally .Fascism us rule by Corporations under Corporate Law .Every government us 8ncorporared as a corporation by their rule of law under the King That’s the real.reset .That’s why everyone has to be magnetised and traceable .

      • “The rule of law issues forth from the muzzle of a gun barrel, which is why we must make sure that the people are never armed so that they can never threaten the party.” Mao

  2. Is that supposed to pave the way for the rest of the country’s corporations to fire their unvaccinated? that is a lot of unemployment comp.

  3. just tell your companies that your records are private and I followed my Doctor’s advice. Hipa says you don’t have to tell your employer your blood pressure or anything.

  4. CNN us owned by AT@T the biggest media conglomerate in earth Major shareholders are. 3 guesses?Black rock ,stare Street and vanguard corporations .The CEO. was Chief of the Boy Scouts since 2016 and he resigned from AT,@T right before they were ordered to pay millions in compensation for thousands of sexual abuse claims made against thege ADULTS in the Boy Scouts.He has several homes listed as his “personal life ‘ on Wikipedia ..Nothing else No partner .
    The senior executives look like a carefully constructed mixed bag of all sorts but emanate that certain private school and or Jesuit trained image somehow from behind their carefully crafted conservative facade .

    • Thanks for that information. Figures don’t it. It all goes back to Jeffery Epstein every time. Just a bunch of perverted freaks running everything.

    • They can’t, the corrupted supreme court created a two tiered society when it gave corporations the ability to deny civil rights on the basis of private ownership. Completely insane but ya know who cares. Nobody with any ethics should be working for that outfit. A virtual haven pathological liars. I mean can you imagine having to list CNN as your last employer? Good Lord what a nightmare.

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