France’s Answer To Global Warming Is A $7,000 Electric Car

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French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal

France is set to challenge the likes of Tesla with an ambitious electric car project.

The Ecology minister Segolene Royal said France will build an electric car for under $7,000.

It comes during the Paris COP21 environmental talks where all countries are trying to limit carbon dioxide emissions to save the planet from its present phase of ‘global warming’.

Some blame human activity and pollution for the climate change while others say it’s a natural alteration of temperature in the earth’s biosphere whose causes are galactic rather than man made. Polluting the air and cutting down forests is as foolish as world leaders getting together en masse to promote a new agenda, after neglecting environmental issues till the last possible moment for the benefit of multi national companies.

The new agenda in Paris where world leaders are having a go at saving the planet is laughable, considering that the same polluting multi national corporations are funding the Paris climate event. The outcome will be a carbon tax that will stop the newly emerging and poorer countries competing with the established order, while throwing in an electric car or two here and there in the name of progress.

Man can’t save the planet from the climate phase that it’s going through. All he can do is to save himself by acting responsibly towards the planet and the environment and cleaning dirty industries, using ingenuity to exploit clean energy. What the temperature is at sea or on land is beyond his control (whether he’s responsible or not), and he should not create antagonism among nations by promoting greed and profit (carbon tax) in the name of the planet.

BGR reports:

France’s ecology minister Segolene Royal said that the government will encourage companies to build an electric car priced under $7,000, which is an ambitious project to say the least.

Tesla Model 3

Comparatively, the cheapest Tesla electric car will cost five times that when it launches. Tesla’s Model 3 will debut in March 2016 with a base price of around $35,000.

But how will France succeed where others failed so far, keeping costs down for buyers? It looks like the country has figured out a solution for creating a cheap electric vehicle, and that uses replaceable batteries, 20 Minutes reports.

Rather than packing built-in batteries that the car owner would recharge at home or in special stations, this $7,000 car would have user replaceable battery packages. The driver would simply drop off the depleted cells at special stations around the country, and replace them with recharged ones. If that concept sounds familiar, it’s because an innovative scooter company is already doing this in certain markets.

As Engadget points out, some companies are already offering lease programs for electric cars to make up for the high sticker price; even the cheapest electric cars are still expensive because of the high battery costs. The Renault Zoe costs $104 per month in the U.K., with the price going up if you exceed 7,500 miles per year.

G-Wiz micro electric car

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