Wild Buffalo Appear At Site Of Standing Rock Protest

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wild buffalo -standing rock

After a series of face offs between police and peaceful demonstrators protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, an unexpected show of force emerged last week,  a thundering herd of buffalo.

Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land received assistance from a large herd of wild buffalo.
The stampede near the Standing Rock protest camp prompted cries of joy from the Standing Rock Sioux.

Natural Blaze reports:

After months of similar struggle to protect sacred burial grounds and the Missouri river, opposers of the DAPL were blessed today when a herd of buffalo appeared from nowhere. While mass arrests, macing, and beatings from batons took place, a stampede of bison appeared near the Standing Rock protest camp. Reportedly, a cry of joy erupted from the crowd, as protectors have been praying for help from the American bison (known as Tatanka Oyate) during their standoff with riot police and national guardsmen.

As UsUncut relays, the Native American culture honors the Tatanka Oyate as a symbol of sacrifice. Its appearance is reportedly being hailed as a gift from the Great Spirit.

Buffalo are revered as symbols of sacrifice in Native American culture. Indigenous people believe the American bison, which are also known as “Tatanka Oyate” or “Buffalo Nation,” sacrifice themselves in order to supply their meat and their hides for people.


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