Article retracted (see Editor’s note)

Fact checked
Biden gives town hall on CNN

Editor’s note: The original article has been retracted due to errors in the report.


  1. I do see that sign a lot. it is held up to show that the statement being made is a lie and not to worry. A sign to the lucifarians not to worry. It is a lie to manipulate the bottom feeders. In this case, taxes wont be raised on the corporations he is talking about.
    Trump used to use the sign a little more subtle, off to the side. Dumb biden wants to make sure the lucifarians see it, so they don’t get mad and kill him.

    • Yes, it has nothing to do with “white supremacy” as if that is really still a thing. It is the Luficerian hand sign, it represents the beast rising to power. Wake up people, the vax is just a precursor.

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  2. So, if I signal to someone I’m okay, I’m a racist? P.S. I am a racist, for the Whole Human Race, ALL of us working together as Christ said.

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