Psaki Defends Biden & Harris On Their Silence Over Andrew Cuomo Scandal

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki has spoken out in defense of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for remaining publicly silent over the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment scandal.

During Mondays WH press breifing, reporters asked when Biden and Harris would comment on the scandal themselves….especially given that one of the Cuomo accusers worked for the Biden campaign.

Psaki just reminded the press that she spoke on behalf of Biden and Harris.

She said: “The benefit of doing a briefing every day is that I can certainly speak on behalf of the president and the vice president”

Brietbart reports: Psaki said that both Harris and Biden believed in the right for any woman to come forward.

“The president believes as I’ve noted that every woman who comes forward deserves to be heard and treated with respect,” she said.

She also claimed that both Harris and Biden supported the investigation into Cuomo’s behavior.

“There is an investigation, an independent investigation that’s being overseen by the Attorney General which has subpoena power and we certainly support that moving forward,” she said.

Cuomo’s third accuser, Anna Ruch, worked for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign as a voter activation director in southwest Florida and also worked as a photo editor in the Obama White House.

Psaki confirmed that Ruch worked on the campaign but expressed doubt that Biden knew her personally.

“I’m not aware of a personal relationship that they had, or that he knew her personally,” she said, reminding reporters that she also did not work for the campaign before joining the administration.

“I’m sure she has a number of people she still remains in touch with from the campaign,” she said.

Psaki also declined to say whether Biden had reached out to Ruch after her accusations against Cuomo.

When asked whether Biden believed that Cuomo should continue to lead the National Governors Association, Psaki demurred.

“That’s a decision for the NGA, not a decision for the president, or the White House,” she said.


  1. Well you don’t flaunt your ” Personal relationships ” unless your a nutter WTF ? D o they think were that stupid were going to swallow that load of it ?

  2. Circle girl, defending the indefensible. Please change your dress designer, along with your looks, its a real eyesore.

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