Saudi Arabia Is Funding Terrorism Claims Former Yemeni President

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Ex-Yemeni president blames rise of ISIS on Saudi Arabia, claims Israel and US support Jihadists


In an interview aired in June on the Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen, the former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh slammed Saudi Arabia for financially and ideologically supporting terror groups in the Arab world.

Saleh, who was deposed by a Western-engineered Arab Spring color revolution in 2011, also spoke out against Western intervention in Yemen for geopolitical purposes.

Al-Masdar News reports:

He added that the United States and its Israeli ally use Saudi Wahhabism to expand influence in the region and stoke instability to further their colonial ambitions.

Saleh also revealed that he was offered millions of dollars through the former Saudi ambassador to Yemen in return for allying himself with the Saudi aggressors.

However, Mr. Saleh admit the presence of administrative differences between his party and the Houthis, though it was nothing to undermine the national unity of all Yemeni resistance forces against the Saudi invasion.

Saudi Arabia launched its military campaign against Yemen on March 26 of the previous year in a bid to restore power to the fugitive Yemeni president Hadi.

With initial success quickly wavering, Saudi Arabia and its coalition allies found themselves stuck in a costly stalemate that is impacting their already fragile oil-based economies.

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