UK Gov’t Announce Vaccine Certificates: ‘They Aren’t Passports, Honest!’

Fact checked
UK government launch vaccine certificates

The UK government have announced that “Covid-19 certification” is coming to enable the public to attend live events.

During an appearance on Sky News, UK government Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden denied that COVID passports will be introduced while in the same breathe admitting that the government will trial a certification system to ensure those who can prove they have taken a vaccine will be able to attend mass gatherings.

“We will be testing whether we can use Covid-19 certification to help facilitate the return of sports,” Dowden said, insisting it will “help the return of the things that we love.” reports: Dowden asserted that the certificates “won’t be a vaccine passport”, yet defined them as “a way to facilitate proving” that people have had vaccines, in order to get “more people get into stadiums,” which he described as “vital not just for our sense of national well-being, but to the whole national economy.”

As we have repeatedly covered, the British government has consistently denied that there are any plans for vaccine passports while simultaneously funding schemes to that effect and conducting extensive trials.