Woman Claims She Was Raped As A Teen By Epstein In His New York Home While Prince Andrew Was Staying There

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Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew has been named in a federal lawsuit by a woman who claims he was at Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion when she was raped by the pedophile billionaire.

Caroline Kaufman, who was 17 years old at the time of the alleged offence, said she had been invited to Epstein’s Manhattan home by an associate for a ‘modelling interview’.

The lawsuit claims the assault took place after Kaufman was photographed by ‘an older woman’ who she now believes to be Epstein’s madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

Kaufman says she met Prince Andrew shortly after arriving at the Manhattan mansion some time in December 2010, two years after Epstein’s conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

The Independent reports: Ms Kaufman, now 26, alleges she was escorted to a massage room by an “older woman” who she believes to be Ghislaine Maxwell, where she was raped by Epstein.

“Kaufman was screaming for help during this encounter, but no one came to her rescue,” the lawsuit, filed on Thursday in the Southern District of New York, alleges.

Ms Kaufman does not claim that the Duke of York took part in the incident, only that he was present in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion beforehand.

“Upon entering Epstein’s Manhattan home, Kaufman was introduced to a number of people. One of these individuals to whom she was introduced within the Epstein mansion was Andrew Albert Christian Edward a/k/a Prince Andrew, Duke of York,” the lawsuit says.

The new claims are likely to raise further questions for the royal, who is already under increased scrutiny for his ties to the late billionaire following the arrest of his longtime friend and Epstein’s former girlfriend, Ms Maxwell, on Thursday.