Video: ‘#VaxxedtotheMax’ Canadian Lawyer Collapses During Inquiry – Doctors Baffled

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VaxxedtotheMax canadian lawyer collapses

A Canadian government lawyer who aggressively advocated mandatory COVID jabs to the public, collapsed in front of TV cameras during an official inquiry on Wednesday.

The incident happened just as Public Order Emergency Commission lawyer Gabriel Poliquin was questioning Ontario deputy solicitor general Mario Di Tommaso about the Trudeau regime’s use of the Emergencies Act during the Freedom Convoy demonstrations. reports: Poliquin was standing at a podium as he asked Di Tommaso a question when he attempted to open a bottle of water, but then slumped over before collapsing onto the floor.

While Poliquin was treated by emergency responders, immediate reports noted his current “condition is unclear.”

“Paramedics entered with a wheeled stretcher, and after a few minutes they left carrying Poliquin, who was conscious and upright,” the Toronto Star reported.

Also unclear is exactly what caused the attorney to suddenly fall over, a trend seen too often in the wake of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Social media posts indicate Poliquin has indeed received multiple Covid jabs, with one Twitter post from him hashtagged #vaxxedtothemax.

Poliquin evidently received AstraZeneca jabs, which the governments of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario suspended last year citing risks of blood clots.

Time will tell whether Poliquin’s fall was vaccine-induced, and indeed whether he manages to survive the incident.


  1. Another relation whose had 4 jabs is bleeding profusely whenever he urinate now He’s had 3 blood transfusions but they only last about a week before he’s depleted again. They can’t stop the bleeding
    They don’t know what’s causing it.

    • What kind of blood transfusions does he get?? The tainted and damaged blood of other vax’d people isn’t gonna help much, i believe.
      Best wishes for betterment though!

  2. Please, have some sympathy for the vax-damage deniers! Let them die in peace….

    “Baffled doctors” seems to be the new pandemic! In Canada and Australia the #1 cause of death is “unknown”… and “The Science” isn’t interested in finding out what the cause is! I believe it’s planned global genocide & infanticide!

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