Japan Deploy Warships To North Korea As WW3 Tensions Mount

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Japan deploy warships to North Korea amid war fears

Japan has deployed warships to the Korean peninsula as fears about World War 3 between North Korea and the west continue to mount. 

Japan’s navy will join US forces to carry out joint military drills in a show of strength against Kim Jong-un.

Express.co.uk reports:

An anonymous source told Reuters: “Japan wants to dispatch several destroyers as the Carl Vinson enters the East China Sea.”

One source who told Reuters about the drills has direct knowledge of the plan, while the other has reportedly been briefed.

Japanese military officials refused to comment on the proposed drills.

The joint show of military might between the US and Japan could anger China.

Tokyo and Beijing officials have been locked in a bitter territorial dispute over the uninhabited islets lose to Taiwan.

It comes less than 24 hours after North Korea promised it would retaliate and defend itself “by powerful force of arms” after the US deployed a Navy strike group in the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Jong-un’s state-owned news agency KCNA claimed Trump’s deployment showed “reckless moves for invading” that had now “reached a serious phase”.

Tensions regarding North Korea have threatened to boil over in recent weeks after Donald Trump promised to deal with the nation unilaterally should China not help and put pressure on their neighbour and ally.

The US President tweeted: “North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A.”

He added: “I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with the U.S. will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem!”

Kim Jong-un’s sabre rattling in recent months has continued to escalate after the leader continues to carry out a series of nuclear and missile tests.

A foreign ministry statement from the North Korean government on KCNA said: “We will hold the US wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions.

“The DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US.”


  1. Japan enslaved just like Germany.
    155.000 US soldiers are in Germany.
    USrael, you murderous thieves get out of Germany!

  2. Its a very exciting time to be alive… we were promised this war and we rightly deserve it.. not everybody loses out in a war and I intend to reap the benefits well and truly.. you people need to accept reality… the war is close and it is going to be a very confusing war this time with the players changing sides again and again.. this is very very exciting.. I AM VERY EXCITED the sooner it starts the better

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