GMB Hit With Ofcom Complaints Over Richard Madeley Interview With Communist Sage Scientist

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Richard Madeley

ITV’s Good Morming Britain programme has allegedly recieved a series of Ofcom complaints following an interaction between GMB host Richard Madeley and government scientists Professor Susan Michie.

The episode which aired on July 5 saw hosts Madeley and speaking to SAGE scientist about Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Madeley wanted to know whether the Professor’s views were influenced by the her being a member of the Communist Party for over 40 years.

Michie, a lockdowns and face mask advocate who thinks covid restrictions should stay forever, is an adviser on matters concerning behavioural compliance with government regulations during the covid pandemic.

She compained when Madley dared to ask about her long-time membership of the Party when her hard left policies are the pure central state control of communism.

The broadcasting watchdog said that 145 viewers complained about Monday’s interview saying Madeley’s questioning was inappropriate.

AOL reports: Michie appeared on the early morning programme to discuss the benefits of wearing facemasks after the end of lockdown.

In the midst of the discussion, Madeley stunted the interview in order to ask Michie about her affiliation with the Communist Party, and if that affected her viewpoint.

When Michie tried to brush it off and continue discussing her work as a scientist, Madeley persisted: “If your politics informs your sense of control, it’s not just a medical argument, but you have a political bent to want the state to tell people what to do.”

Michie then told him: “I’ve come on your programme as a scientist, as do all people who come onto your programme as scientists. 

“They come on to talk about the evidence, the relevant theories, how we approach scientific disciplines, and you don’t ask other scientists about politics.

“I’m very happy to speak about science, which is what my job is, and to leave it at that.”

Despite the straightforward statement ending the question, Madeley persisted again, causing Michie to add: “I’m saying that I agreed to come on this programme as a scientist and I’m very happy to talk to you about the issues you’re raising as a scientist, which is the same as other scientists that you invite onto the programme.”

Madeley told her that her reaction was a “perfectly fair answer” before the conversation continued without discussion.

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  1. Bwcause scientists know that under communism they will be in the ruling party where they will live like gods Its all a done deal They’re just whores who are backing the best option for their personal future quality of life Screw everyone else Its everyone greedy bitch for themselves

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