Facebook Labels Christian Prayer ‘Hate Speech’

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Facebook labels Christian prayer for children 'hate speech'

These days, it appears as if Facebook is censoring almost anything and everything, including Christian prayer.

A West Virginia-based Warriors for Christ page was informed by Facebook that a prayer for the protection of children violated the social media giant’s rules against hate speech.

Conservativefiringline.com reports: The prayer simply read, “I command the demons of perversion and witchcraft to leave the minds of those precious children right now in the mighty name of Jesus.”

Facebook responded by saying the prayer “goes against our standards on hate speech so no one else can see it.”

We’re not certain how the prayer violates Facebook’s nebulous and apparently ever-changing standards, so we reached out to the company for clarification.  We still have received no response as of this writing.

Incidents like this, by the way, are part of the reason a majority of conservatives no longer trust the platform.

They are also part of the reason activist Chris Sevier drafted the Stop Social Media Censorship proposal, a measure now being eyed by several state lawmakers across the country.

The measure is explained in the following audio:

As Sevier explained here:

In my opinion, Facebook has perpetrated a form of fraudulent inducement, tortious interference of business relations, breach of the duty of care, unjust enrichment, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress by at first allowing conservatives and Christians to build a platform where they were supposedly free to express themselves only to then turn around and arbitrarily find some speech permissible and other speech impermissible.

If the measure passes, Sevier said, “those who have been banned or censored for their political and/or religious point of view will now have the means to hold those companies accountable.”


  1. so you see they allow hatred of political ideologies which is ultimately religious beliefs Thats how they get around it like a two serpents wrapped around a staff

  2. Saul of Tarus, also known by his Roman name as Paul. ” For their are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the Circumcision.”

  3. Intelligent conservative NEVER trusted the platform…or social media in general. Twitter, IG, google are no better. The rest of the conservatives are finally waking from their slumber. #WWG1WGA

  4. I find the trolling of conservatives by the folks up top to be hilarious. The reason it is ACTUALLY being done is to distract conservatives away from any real issues, and distracted they always are. All’s they do is scream like the betas that they are. If you need to engage in the nonsense Abrahamic religions, don’t expect to have the “right”.

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