Puerto Rican Taxi Driver Holds The Wheel At His Own Wake

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Taxi Driver

A deceased Puerto Rican taxi driver was seen at the wheel of his own cab during his funeral wake.

Victor Perez Cardona wanted something different for his funeral after he died. He didn’t want a traditional wake. Instead he traded the coffin for his taxi cab. The idea was suggested to the taxi driver by his daughter prior to his death from cancer.

He was seen sitting in the driver’s seat of his beige cab at his own wake on Sunday. He had a floral wrath instead of a passenger in his back seat. A wooden cross hung from his rearview mirror.

With eyes shut and hands clasping at the steering wheel, the smartly dressed  73-year-old wearing a hat and a tie, was seen driving into the after-life at his own wake.

Mashable reports:

Hundreds of mourners stood outside his Toyota Corolla parked at a funeral home on Sunday to bid farewell to the 73-year-old who died of cancer.

Perez Cardona had driven the taxi for the past 15 years and was known in the town of Aguas Buenas as “Vitín the Driver,” according to El Nuevo Dia.

Some wake attendees climbed into the cab to sit alongside Perez Cardona one last timTaxi Drivere, his daughter, Generosa Perez Torres, told The Associated Press. Representatives from multiple funeral homes even came to see the styled wake, she told El Nuevo Dia.

“He was a people person and I told him to [have his wake] in your own taxi. It’s never been done before here,” Perez Torres said, adding that her father was a bus driver before he became a cabbie.

This isn’t the first time an unusual wake was held in Puerto Rico. Last year, a dead boxer stood in the corner of a ring, wearing sunglasses and a yellow hood. That same year, an 80-year-old woman wore her wedding dress while sitting in her favorite red-cushioned rocking chair.

Perez was buried Monday.



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