Orwellian College Professor Places Ban On Opinions In Class

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ban on opinions

At Reed College in Portland, Oregan, it seems if you have too much of an opinion, you will get banned.

At least that’s what happened when student Jeremiah True wouldn’t stop expressing his controversial thoughts on sexual assault in his humanities course.  His professor was so outraged, he placed a ban on opinions for the duration of the class.

Natural News reports on the story:

Once upon a time, American college campuses were bastions of free expression and free speech, exemplifying all the rights the founding fathers intended the First Amendment to convey.

But no more. Increasingly, university campuses are becoming controlled speech zones, where dissent or even differences of opinion – that is, opinions that don’t jibe with those deemed politically correct – are no longer tolerated and even punished.

The latest example of this kind of authoritarian speech control occurred at a small liberal arts institution in Portland, Oregon – Reed College – which boasts of attracting students who come there to speak their mind.

ban on opinions

As reported by Buzzfeed:

But when Jeremiah True wouldn’t stop talking about his controversial opinions on sexual assault in his required freshman humanities course, his professor banned him from the discussion segment of the class for the remainder of the semester.

True, 19, told the web site that the professor, Pancho Savery, issued repeated warnings to him that his views were making some classmates uncomfortable. On March 14 he sent True an email stating he was no longer allowed to participate in the “conference” section of his Humanities 110 course, a lecture-seminar.

What do you think about the ban on opinions placed onto this student – is this the “thought police” in action, not unlike George Orwell’s classic novel “1984”, or do you think the professor was right in his actions?  To read more about the saga, click here.


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