Roswell Authorities Searching For Crooks Who Stole “UFO”

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thieves have stolen a UFO statue from a Roswell, New Mexico museum

Roswell, New Mexico is a UFO-believer hotspot, with millions across the world still seeking answers to the mysterious crash that occurred in the sleepy western town over 50 years ago.

ABC reports that Roswell Police are now seeking some answers of their own – specifically where the three men who recently stole a UFO statue from behind a museum are currently hiding:

On the video released by the police, you can see three men get out of a pick-up truck, load the UFO, and drive away. Officials later found the museum decoration in a ditch off Highway 70 about two miles west of Roswell, destroyed.

The spaceship had been a fixture in downtown Roswell, where it was long mounted outside the UFO museum before a recent snowstorm damaged it.

It was being stored behind the museum before it was stolen.

No arrests have been made.

Roswell still stirs debate about extraterrestrials seven decades after the 1947 crash of a flying object.

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