BioNTech Quietly Admits It Can’t Prove ‘Safety of COVID-19 Vaccine’ in 2002 SEC Filing

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BioNTech, the German Big Pharma company that developed the Covid-19 vaccine in its Mainz biolab, has admitted it may not be able to demonstrate the efficacy of safety of its Covid-19 vaccine in order to gain permanent regulatory approval in the United States.

While we are eagerly waiting for the next Pfizer document dump, the BioNTech 2022 SEC filing makes for very interesting reading.

Just like in the 2021 Annual SEC Filing, Pfizer admits that due to safety concerns and the inability to demonstrate sufficient efficacy, they are not likely to receive regulatory approval.

Not that the Big Pharma vaccine cartel is concerned about this state of affairs. They know the Covid-19 vaccines will continue to be granted Emergency Use Authorization, regardless of whether they are effective and safe.

A notable change: ” Undesirable Side Effects” in 2021 Filing has been upgraded to “Significant Adverse Events”.

Will this damning documented admission be ignored again by the mainstream media and the majority of so-called alternative media the same way they ignored BioNTech’s 2021 SEC filing?

Get ready for the never-ending state of emergency that will allow criminal world governments to mandate experimental gene therapy vaccines under the Emergency Use Authorization for years to come.


Page 6

Risk Factors

Our revenue depends heavily on sales of our COVID-19 vaccine, and our future revenues from our COVID-19 vaccine are uncertain.

We may not be able to demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of our COVID-19 vaccine and/or variant-specific formulations to obtain permanent regulatory approval in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, or other countries where it has been authorized for emergency use or granted conditional marketing approval.

Significant adverse events may occur during our clinical trials or even after receiving regulatory approval, which could delay or terminate clinical trials, delay or prevent regulatory approval or market acceptance of any of our product candidates.

You can download the entire document here: BioNTech SEC Filing

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  1. YOUR way way off SPUTnikV was the most taken vax in germany and SPUtNIK lite from russia- it uses neutralising antibodys is 97.6% effective accounting to the lancet medical journal report has been taken over four billion times with NO vaccine induced immune reaction.THROMBOTIC THROMBOCYTOPENIA ake clotty immune reaction seen at all.Used by half the countrys of the world and approved first

  2. More germans took the SPUTNik V than any other country even russia which also like america did`t take much vacine

  3. Russia was the first to make a rabid dog shot over 200 years ago and has been leading vaxs since

  4. When medical lawyers have clearly shown that they have nowgal right to even describe the jabs as vaccines, since they fail to meet the legal description being neither preventative of infection nor transmission, but the government’s pretend they don’t know, then they’re all frauds in it together to deceive the world criminally.

  5. Sounds like they are setting themselves up for failure with the amount of SIGNIFICANT issues they must deal with . . .

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