Swiss Company Creates Luxury Doomsday Bunkers For ‘The Most Powerful Individuals In The World’

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The elite will be able to see out the apocalypse in luxury

doomsday bunker

The elite will be able to see out the apocalypse in luxury!

A Swiss company is offering to build apocalypse-proof fortified bunkers underneath the residences of ‘the most powerful individuals in the world‘.

Oppidum Bunkers which set up to create luxury underground bunkers for the elite, has unveiled its new L’ Heritage 1,000 square metre structures, described as ‘optimised for super-luxury everyday lifestyle, while prepared for all surface threats’.

Oppidum says its bunkers apply technology from NASA and are available in the EU, UK, USA and the UAE

Metro reports: The high-tech bunkers descend 15 metres below ground and feature an airlock that has been fully equipped as a decontamination chamber, an indoor garden, a fitness space, comfortable living and sleeping areas and a private art gallery – which can be seen through an opaque-to-transparent wall and has bank-vault level security. 

The airlock is guarded by two blast doors, with the outer door controlled by a multi-biometric reader that simultaneously scans face, iris, palm and fingerprints.

An optional armoury can be installed and you can sleep easy knowing the structure is built to NATO-standard ballistic and blast protection levels, using high-density concrete with the same formulation used to build nuclear power plants.

‘Our vision at Oppidum is to build the world’s most beautiful and secure contemporary fortified residences,’ Jakub Zamrazil, Oppidum founder and chief executive officer, explained.

‘They are places of serenity and absolute safety for owners and their families.

‘We are privileged to offer our clients the highest levels of service, creating beautiful places that will protect them, and their legacy, for generations to come.’

Jakub said that Oppidum takes an ‘optimistic view’ of the world, but believes it’s ‘wise’ to be prepared for unforeseeable and unpreventable events. 

‘In an uncertain world, an Oppidum provides peace of mind,’ he said. 

‘It is a place of strength that enables our clients to preserve and protect what matters most.’

The main features of the bunker include NASA-level technology which allows stocks of nutritious food to be stored for months or even years, an inner garden, a medical room, high ceilings and opulent custom-made furniture.

According to Oppidum, access to the spacious underground garage, known as the Parc Fermé and guarded by an internal security gate, is via a hydraulically actuated ramp set into the ground so as to be almost invisible.

The secret gallery is extremely secure, meeting the strictest insurance company criteria.

In the ‘inner garden,’ flowers and plants are sustained by sophisticated automatic irrigation.

Through full-light spectrum simulation, the sun rises and sets and the seasons change in the skylight overhead.

Bunkers also include swimming pools as well as exercise machines and equipment.

An Oppidum has two independent air filtration units. The primary unit is designed for ordinary peacetime use. The secondary unit is a military grade chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) system.

An Oppidum is fully airtight and gastight and can be completely isolated from the outside atmosphere if required.

Bunkers feature two independent air filtration units, an ordinary one and a military grade one, both of which are equipped with a CO2 removal system and an auxiliary oxygen supply that provides breathable air when there is insufficient or no fresh air entering the building.

Water is supplied from deep underground by a private well, entirely independent of the public supply.

In case of a power outage, blackout or instability in the grid, the power system seamlessly switches to one of its multiple fail-safe alternative power sources, including twin diesel generators and back-up batteries.

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