Face Book Susupends Account Of Renowned Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra

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Dr Malhotra

One of the most influential cardiologists in Britain, Dr Aseem Malhotra has accused Facebook of being ‘an enemy of democracy’ after the socal media giant suspending his account for spreading covid “misinformation”

The renowned British cardiologist, academic and evidence-based medicine expert had his account suspended following multiple social media posts about the Covid jabs.

Dr Malhotra has also been criticized and “fact checked” by third party social media fact checkers for publishing a two-part article in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, calling for a global pause of the mRNA vaccines.

GB News reports: Malhotra shared Covid vaccine data analysis from Florida’s Surgeon General earlier this week which Facebook declared “didn’t follow our community standards”. He was subsequently suspended for 24 hours.

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo released new guidance for Covid vaccines last week, which included a recommendation against men aged 18-39 years taking the Covid vaccine due to apparent cardiac-related issues associated with the jab.

Ladapo’s analysis came under intense public scrutiny and resulted in Twitter temporarily blocking his post with various members of the medical community challenging his findings.

Mark Steyn speaks to Dr Aseem Malhotra
GB News

Ladapo tweeted in response “I love the discussion that we’ve stimulated… Isn’t it great when we discuss science transparently instead of trying to cancel one another?”

In response to his suspension, speaking to GB News’ Mark Steyn show Dr Malhotra said “Facebook is an enemy of democracy”.

“The fact checking only goes in one direction.”

“Think of the number of commentators who told us that vaccines stopped transmission during the rollouts. Where were the labels of ‘medical misinformation’ then?”

This comes in light of a European Parliament Covid Committee’s questioning of Pfizer executives this week. Dutch MEP Robert Roos questioned Pfizer director Janine Small about whether the vaccine’s affect on transmission was tested prior to its rollout. Ms Small appeared to affirm Mr Roos’ concerns that it hadn’t.

Just today, Dr Malhotra received another flag from Facebook from a post made two weeks ago which prompted the suspension to be extended to three days. The post consisted of a video he had made in which he called for the Covid vaccines to be “suspended until all the raw data (from the trials) has been released for independent analysis.

“This post is two weeks old. They’re trawling through my Facebook looking for misinformation.

“They are clearly following an agenda here.”

In Dr Malhotra’s review published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Insulin Resistance last month about Covid misinformation, he was highly critical of fact checkers and social media companies since the beginning of the pandemic.

He wrote “The so-called ‘fact checkers’ have censored anything that challenges the prevailing mainstream narrative (the establishment is trustworthy, and the vaccines are completely safe)”.

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