Former Trans Teen Sues Doctors Over Double Mastectomy At The Age Of 13

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America's latest blockbuster trans lawsuit

Doctors performed mastectomy on 13 yr old

A de-transitioned teenager is suing Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the medical providers who performed a double mastectomy on her when she was just 13 years old

18 year old Layla Jane, who has detransitioned from her lifestyle as a transgender male, filed a lawsuit against the medical providers over the permanent, life-altering “gender-affirming” surgeries that doctors performed on her five years before she became an adult.

Jane told Fox News last week: “I don’t think I should’ve been allowed to change my sex before I was legally able to have sex…..I don’t think I’m better off for the experience, and I think transitioning just completely added fuel to the fire that was my preexisting conditions.”

Jane reportedly struggled with suicidal ideation, social anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, an eating disorder, and was bullied before she agreed to get the mastectomy.

Breitbart reports: Jane began to identify as a male as early as 11 years old. Despite initially telling her she was ineligible for hormone treatment before turning 16, doctors at Kaiser transferred her to three other doctors who “immediately” approved her hormone treatment and double mastectomy, the Daily Caller reported.

Jane’s lawsuit accused the hospital system of “intentional fraud and concealment” involving her gender transition. She alleges, “the doctors pushed her into the procedure and characterized her gender transition as the only way to treat her preexisting mental health problems,” according to Fox News.

The lawsuit also cites serious health issues due to the “permanent irreversible mutilation,” including a deepened voice, mutilation, increased body hair, inability to breastfeed, and possible infertility.

Jane’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon “alleged Jane’s caregivers failed to administer the necessary mental health treatments before performing the double mastectomy and never informed her that 80% to 90% of teens eager to transition desist from doing so,” Fox News detailed.

“Informed consent was missing here,” Dhillon told Fox News. “It is impossible for a child to give informed consent, and it is impossible for parents who are not fully informed and with a child that was not properly treated [cannot] also give that consent.”


  1. That’s what they’re like. People are like slow learners.
    Look at history Look how convenient different plagues were to certain powerful parties.
    Look at the Spanish flu that just happened to coincide with their invention of aspro that they just happened to”discover “could act as a protection against catching flu and dying. Instead it s now said that most likely the majority died from aspro overdose.
    Look at polio If they hadn’t insisted their barbaric treatment was the only method then no one would have needed to feel terrified into all getting their kids jabbed. If mums all knew that if they just cared fir the kids sensibly and they’d be fine in no time it would have been different But still they run the terrorise story.
    Theure like that Profits are everything to them and so to maximise those they nerd image to be everything just like all con artists.So they dress up in Costumes and learn lines and get taught how to act even as part of their degrees. It’s all frauds liars deceivers money hungry creeps.

  2. The whole gender dysphoria debate is nothing more than a divide and conquer tactic used to keep everyone squabbling. As I see it, while everyone fights over which hole to pee into, I’m working on putting my house in order. If children choose to sterilize themselves then I say let them – I don’t care. After all, it isn’t the Purebloods that are running around acting like idiots. We’ll be the only ones left to rebuild and when we write the history of what happened, we’ll add in a footnote about how some people were so deep into the cult of Woke that they allowed their children’s genitals to be mutilated so as to show their community that they were true believers.

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