Trump Abandons Bannon, Makes Deal With Salafists Instead

Fact checked

US President Donald Trump wasted no time fighting Muslim terrorists in the Middle East by bombing Syria!

Why would the Syrian army, who fight ISIS and Al-Qaeda, resort to a chemical attack when they are winning the war against terror?
Why would Donald Trump want to help ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates, after showing his contempt for them throughout the election?

The answer lies in the art of making new deals to get away from bad deals.

Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon was a good deal that helped Trump get elected, promising a new era. He was demoted Wednesday and Trump instead made a new deal with some Salafists and Zionists to get Muslims to fight each other, to make way for a privileged few to profit from the ensuing chaos and suffering.

Steve Bannon was removed from his seat observing meetings of the National Security Council on Wednesday, a day prior to America’s illegal bombing of Syria. reports:

Bannon was well known for his conservative views which were deeply anti-establishment, anti-deep state, mildly pro-Russian and totally anti-Salifist and anti-Saudi.

The timing of Bannon’s demotion and the missile strikes on Syria is unlikely to be coincidental. It is certainly symbolic.

The man who helped define the now dead Trump movement, was moved over whilst the neo-cons and deep state veterans remain.

Bannon has not spoken in public since the demotion, but reports have surfaced saying that he might quit the White House entirely because of the demotion.

It has emerged that Bannon was engaged in a power struggle with Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner. Bannon reportedly called Kushner a ‘globalist’ and a ‘cuck’, implying that he is a conservative in name only, but is in actual fact beholden to neo-liberal, globalist interests.

Beyond the apparent personal animosity between Bannon and Kushner, the spat is merely a symptom of a wider disease in Washington.

Steve Bannon represented many if not most of the things that people admired about Trump.

He represented anti-establishment, anti-globalist, anti-interventionist conservatism, this in spite of his views on China and Iran, troubling though they were.

When it came to giving Donald Trump credibility as the ‘anti-establishment President’ as the ‘alt-media President’, Bannon was the man who gave weight to these credentials.

With Bannon demoted and possibly out, Donald Trump’s last connection with the grass roots movement he helped create is now all but severed.

Alt-media has not forgiven Trump for going ballistic on Syria. The anti-interventionist conservative movement which in the 20th century dates back to Republican Senator Robert Taft, will not die. Perhaps Bannon will be one of the men to carry it forward now that Trump has shown his contempt for the man who helped to make his political career possible.


  1. The world has indeed been fooled! Evil Trump has finally shown his true colour! Warmonger Trump is from the same ZNWO as his Brotherhood warmongers Obama/Hillary!

    All these endless Zionist-orchestrated wars under evil NA*O/IS-ra*l, starting in this century, especially in the highly strategic Middle East and East Africa including Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen,Sudan and Somalia, are about – the absolute control by NA*O/IS-ra*l, of the five major world oceans (which also consist of trillions or more worth of unexplored-yet ultra deep sea oil/gas), and among their main major and most strategic global maritime straits, that include the three Straits of – Bab El Mandeb (by the Red Sea/Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean); Malacca (by the Indian ocean) and Hormuz (by the Persian Gulf of the Indian Ocean)!!!

    • This is the real goal of the Luciferian Brotherhood of ZNWO, amidst all these endless savage and genocidal wars in this century:

      ….. The very notion of “sea power” has a 19th-century ring to it, summoning up Nelson, imperial ambition and gunboat diplomacy. Yet the great exponent of sea power, the American naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, who died in 1914, is still read with attention by political leaders and their military advisers today. “Control of the sea,” he wrote in 1890, “by maritime commerce and naval supremacy,means predominant influence in the world; because, however great the wealth product of the land,nothing facilitates the necessary exchanges as does the sea.”……

      (excerpt from: Who rules the waves?: China no longer accepts that America should be Asia-Pacific’s dominant naval power ,,Oct 17th. 2015).

    • This is also why the most savage Cannibal/Necrophilia Terrorist IS/ISIS/ISIL groups are created by CIA/MOSSAD,
      as revealed by Snowden; here it is in – French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent: Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent !!!, Veterans Today, By GPD on August 4, 2014!

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