Matt Hancock Demanded Immunity On Care Home Deaths During Pandemic

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Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock reportedly told lawyers that he should have legal immunity over his department’s failure to protect care home residents during the covid pandemic.

Just days before his WhatsApp messages were leaked to the public, Hancock said he should not carry the can for his department’s failure to safeguard care home residents simply because he was Secretary of State.

Instead he said that “HMG”, the whole Government, should take the blame.

MSN reports: Mr Hancock tried to argue against the idea that the head of a Government department should be held responsible for the actions of that department, and argued that an attempt to do would be merely out of “chasing tabloid headlines.”

The comments were made in a talk over his book, the Pandemic Diaries, the Mirror reports.

A few days later his WhatsApp messages were leaked to the Telegraph by Isabel Oakeshott, to whom Mr Hancock had sent the transcripts to help her ghostwrite his book.

He has denied claims the texts suggest he ignored Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty’s advice to test all people going into care homes. In the messages, Mr Hancock appears to be more concerned with the public perception of his policies, rather than their effectiveness in saving lives during the pandemic.

He said he thought committing to testing people coming into care homes from the community – including staff – didn’t “add anything” and “muddies the waters”.

It was Matt Hancock who assisted in the deaths of countless numbers of innocent people in care homes across the UK, where Midazolam & morphine were used on eldelry patients in vast quantities during the pandemic…….All to create an illusion of a first covid wave.


  1. When the criminals get to make the rules and ‘laws’… it will always end up in a bloody mass murder!

  2. And what good would testing do? Is he a criminal? YES! But making a point of him not testing ppl with FAKE tests is just plain stupid!

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