Trump To Give Merkel ‘Reality Check’ On Immigration In Upcoming Meeting

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President Trump to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel and discuss immigration crisis

President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel later this month for a full and frank discussion about Germany’s failed immigration policies.

Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Merkel for “destroying Germany,” will meet with the German leader on March 14 in Washington.

The Express reports:

The pair haven’t got off to the best start after President Trump blasted the beleaguered German leader for “ruining” Germany over her open door refugee policy.

They will meet on March 14, according to US officials.

It remains unknown whether Angela Merkel will respond to the strong criticism she has recieved from the American leader now that he has taken office.

Donald Trump has previously blamed Mrs Merkel for damaging her own country beyond repair, adding Germans thought it was the “greatest place on Earth” two years ago but is now a “sad, sad shame”.

But Mrs Merkel was quick to snub the President, saying she would not respond to his comments about her open-door migration policy until he took office.

However, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a key ally of the Chancellor, did say Germany would work together with the USA – despite their obvious hostility towards him.

A US official announced the visit, which comes shortly before a meeting in Germany of the finance ministers of the G20 industrialised countries and will help lay the groundwork for Trump’s visit to Germany in July for a meeting of G20 leaders.

President Trump and Mrs Merkel issued a joint statement after a telephone call in January, underscoring the importance of the NATO alliance and vowing to work together more closely to combat terrorism.

A few days later, Mrs Merkel sharply criticised President Trump’s temporary travel ban on citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Mrs Merkel had a warm relationship with Mr Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

The meeting between Mr Trump and Mrs Merkel is likely to cover a wide range of issues, including the global economy, trade, the fight against Islamic State, NATO and ties with Russia and China.


  1. Donald Trump..not often wrong….. Right again………Yes yes Angela merkel has destroyed Germany….. and not by accident.. she knew what she was doing.. she has done what the power elites instructed her to do… all part of the plan for destabilization.. ..that’s their way…cause a huge problem them run to the table with a solution../.. all part of the plan///…. Donald is a thorn in their side…

    • You are so right. How strongly Merkel is controlled you could see from the fact that she announced her renewed candidacy only after having met Obama.
      Regards from Germany.

    • Merkle has not much to say about her immigration nightmare she has brought on the country of Germany. I wish people on the left and people who are not paying attention to this ISLAM TAKEOVER, because that’s what it is. They have taken over Europe. Now they want to take over the USA!

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