Global Elite Declares War on ‘Dangerous Anti-Vaxxers’ Who ‘Must Be Stripped of Human Rights’

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The globalist elite have declared open war on so-called "anti-vaxxers" who they argue must be "stripped of human rights" in the most disturbing escalation of their campaign for medical genocide since the mRNA roll out in 2021.

The globalist elite have declared open war on so-called “anti-vaxxers” who they argue must be “stripped of human rights” in the most disturbing escalation of their campaign for medical genocide since the mRNA roll out in 2021.

According to World Health Organization insiders, so-called “anti-vaxxers” are threatening Agenda 2030 and the elites’ vision of the future for humanity which involves mandatory “mass vaccination.”

Anyone who continues to defy the elite will have their basic human rights stripped under the new Pandemic Treaty which the WHO are currently boasting is only months away from passing.

We are living in critical times and the information in this broadcast is vital to understand the endgame of the elites and their technocratic plan to dehumanize the human race.

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According to WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the deeply unpopular Pandemic Treaty, which is set to strip nations of their sovereignty and individuals of their liberty, is only months away from passing.

Tedros’ globalist organization receives most of its funding from Bill Gates and he has become so arrogant that he has already started celebrating the success of the plan to implement medical genocide.

According to Tedros, the unvaccinated are public enemy number one because they are creating “chaos” and need to be taught a lesson by the global elite.

Arguing that the elite have science on their side, Tedros says the elite did not go hard enough against the unvaccinated during the plandemic.

Firing people from their jobs, public shaming, banning them from public places, and hardcore gaslighting was not enough, according to Tedros who says that in the future the consequences for defying the elite must be much more “aggressive.”

Tedros, Gates and the WHO are working in lockstep with the UN and the World Economic Forum to demonize so-called “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists” and strip them of basic human rights.

Klaus Schwab’s right hand man Noah Yuval Harari has gone on record calling for so-called “conspiracy theorists” to be banned from accessing the internet due to their “dangerous” belief that a global cabal of elites control the world.

His views have infected the WEF to the point that the globalist body’s 2024 Risk Report stated that anybody who promotes a “different perception of reality” and questions the authority of “experts” must be considered “more dangerous” than a terrorist in 2024.

WEF managing director Saadia Zahidi told globalists earlier this year that conspiracy theorists must be crushed so the elite can remain “the owner of the truth.”

While the WEF admit they are having trouble tracking so-called “conspiracy theorists” who are sharing information online which exposes their agenda and disrupts their plans, Bill Gates has not given up trying to make a list of those who oppose him.

What is the endgame here? It’s simple. The global elite are getting all their ducks in a row to enforce mandatory mass vaccination.

How do we know? Well, they’ve told us what their plans are. The only problem is the majority of the world are refusing to believe they are capable of such ruthlessness. Big mistake.

The end game for the bad guys is mandatory mass vaccination, warns Dr. Peter McCullough who points out that the elite are preparing to roll out plandemic 2.0 and the public appear to be going along with the scam all over again.

Anybody who has been paying attention can see things are not right here. The FDA has cleared a bird flu shot without human trial data and the Gates Foundation is already boasting about distributing it to the entire world.

All of this for a virus the CDC has quietly admitted usually has “no symptoms.”

Is this a vaccine you want pumped into your arm and the arms of your loved ones?

If the answer is no then be prepared to face the wrath of the elite who are desperate to continue pushing their vile globalist agenda without pushback from those of us who reject their sick vision out of hand.

Most normal people would be deeply concerned about this if their brains were not too full of propaganda, fluoride, heavy metals, and ultra-processed food to form rational thoughts.

Ever heard of Operation Mockingbird? In the 1960s you would get called a conspiracy theorist if you dared to suggest that the CIA was spying on journalists and controlling the mainstream media.

Of course, this is exactly what was happening.

Unfortunately for the elite, people around the world are waking up and rising up against their agenda, and our ranks are becoming more numerous and powerful every day.

We will not be silenced and oppressed any longer.

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