Black Actress Cries, Apologizes to ‘Darker-Skinned Actresses’ for Being Too White Looking

Fact checked
Black actress weeps and apologizes for not being dark-skinned enough

A black actress who landed the lead role in a Hollywood movie that was originally written for an old white man broke down in tears on camera because she felt ashamed for looking too white.

Yes, really.

Thandiwe Newton says she is so disgusted at not being black enough, she wants to “apologise every day to darker-skinned actresses.”

“Her new film, God’s Country, has been adapted from a short story by James Lee Burke – but has swapped the lead character from an older white man into a black woman,” Sky News reports. reports: Not content with the old white man being erased from the movie, Newton is seriously upset that she isn’t black enough, despite being black.

“My internalised prejudice was stopping me from feeling like I could play this role when it’s precisely that prejudice that I’ve received,” she said.

“To say, ‘I’m sorry that I’m the one chosen. My mama looks like you. My mom looks like you’,” she said, apparently devastated that she has – God forbid – a white father.

“It’s been very painful to have women look like my mom feel like I’m not representing them. That I’m taking from them. Taking their men, taking their work, taking their truth. I didn’t mean to,” she rambled.

In the movie, Newton’s character confronts two white hunters she catches on her property.

No doubt they are suitably monstered and demonized for the mere fact of being white.

We’re reaching clown world levels of absurdity that even the most black pilled individual out there could have never predicted.


  1. She’s not black. She’s mixed between a black mother and white father. Kamala is not black. She’s crying for nothing. Or, unless she’s like that other mixed race idiot Meghan, who says she so proud to be a woman of colour, but spends thousands of dollars whitening her skin and straightening her hair, to look white. Lol. Ja ne.

  2. Too funny. A black person bemoaning that she is melanin deficient. I would suggest that you use sun block.

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