Chicago Gun Store Looter Released By City Murders Walgreens Clerk

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An 18-year-old looter released by the city of Chicago has been arrested for fatally stabbing a Walgreens clerk, according to prosecutors.

Last week, prosecutors report that Sincere Williams had robbed three stores in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, including the local Walgreens.

Apparently not satisfied with his take from those robberies, Williams returned to the Walgreens last Sunday with more on his mind than theft.

Armed with either one or two knives, Williams proceeded to stab 32-year-old store clerk Olga Marie Calderon ten times before calmly walking out of the store covered in blood, leaving Calderon to die on the floor.

HotAir report: Prosecutors further assert that this was a premeditated killing because Williams had stashed a change of clothes nearby, switching outfits before ditching his knife in some bushes and walking back home. He managed to cut himself in the process and had to be taken to a local hospital for stitches.

What the local CBS News outlet learned later made this crime all the more disturbing.

Williams wasn’t unknown to law enforcement. In fact, he had robbed a gun shop in March of this year, stealing 14 handguns before being quickly apprehended by the police.

The gun shop owner is outraged that he was put back out on the street so quickly and maintains that Olga Marie Calderon would be alive today had the previous crime been taken more seriously.

The owner of Suburban Sporting Goods Guns & Ammo in Melrose Park said his gun shop was burglarized in May. He said Williams tried stealing 14 handguns.

Williams, now 18, was arrested and charged with burglary at the time. And the gun shop owner said Williams should still have been off the streets at the time Cook County prosecutors said he murdered Walgreens clerk Olga Marie Calderon – and she should still be alive today…

“That’s a pretty heinous crime,” the owner said. “These weren’t hunting guns. He wasn’t stealing to feed his family. These were likely going somewhere very bad.”

“I was kind of enraged. It’s like, here’s this kid that broke into a gun store and stole several firearms,” the owner said. “Just because he was caught, it doesn’t lessen the severity of the crime.”

Sincere Williams wasn’t totally let off the hook for the gun shop robbery. He was wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle until last month and was scheduled for a court appearance in October. But he was somehow allowed to remove the monitoring device in August and left to his own devices while awaiting trial.

Now we know how Mr. Williams chose to occupy his time.

What excuse is being offered by the city for releasing Williams in the first place? They’re not saying. Some observers are speculating that it was because he was technically still a minor at the time of the March robbery. Or perhaps a COVID-19 outbreak in the jail was to blame. Or maybe it was just part of the larger, “empty the jails” movement sweeping the nation’s major cities. In the end, none of that really matters, I suppose.

But stop and think about that original robbery. This kid wasn’t stealing food or clothing or even a flat-screen television. He was stealing firearms. But not hunting rifles or shotguns. He smashed the glass out of the display cases with a hammer and took more than a dozen handguns. Where do you suppose those handguns were going to wind up?

We already know that the vast majority of shootings in Chicago and most larger cities are committed with unregistered weapons by people who never managed to make it through a background check. Sincere Williams was looking to feed more poison into that deadly pipeline.

And yet he was released on his own recognizance. And now Olga Marie Calderon is dead and another community is leaving flowers and memorabilia at a makeshift memorial for her. Is this really the sort of criminal justice reform we’re supposed to be aiming for in the United States?

If law enforcement manages to get their hands on someone like Sincere Williams with compelling video evidence of the commission of a gun store robbery, shouldn’t our first impulse be to lock him up rather than working to find any excuse to put him back out on the streets? Some somber food for thought as you kick off your weekend.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


      • My theory is that the mother is so doped up from childbirth they get “creative”, like a drunken artist, and come up with phonetic, rhythmic, non-sensical names. And the whodunnit daddy is never there to question their decision. My fave is HOF left tackle for the NY Jets, D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Say what?

        • There was one here that named one “placenta” it took a wealth of intelligence to come up with that. You can’t make this stuff up either

          • Don’t laugh. There actually was a black baby named “Gonorrhea” because when her mother was pregnant, that’s what the doctor said she had; she didn’t understand the baby and the disease were two different things, and it “sounded like a pretty name.” And in the phone book in the 60’s, there was a listing for “Vaseline Love.” I know because the local radio station interviewed him about his unusual name–and yes, he was black.

      • I knew an OB-GYN nurse who said a black woman named her spawn “Timexia” because she saw a Timex clock on the wall on the way to her taxpayer-funded C-section. She also said they had to give some blacks (never whites) disinfecting douches before surgery because there literally were COCKROACHES living in there!

        There are mindless animals disguised as people infecting our society.

  1. Hold that Judge accountable .Identify him personalise her murder Put his pictures on her coffin Do to them what they do to others .

      • I would like to rail against your cowardice…scream that you are wrong…shout that justice will prevail.

        No. You are likely right.

        The left, intentionally, and the right, by feckless inaction, are forcing the largest armed force on this planet (that would be us, we the people) to take up arms against a coordinated insurrection. If that happens, either the left wins and Texas becomes a nation once again, or, we, the people, win back our country. Time will tell.

    • What’s the name of this fucking “judge”, and DA? They need their heads shoved so far up their asses that the darkness is overwhelming. Fuck this judge for setting the pavement ape free after felonies are committed. We want the name, and address.

    • We’re getting tired of these pavement apes roaming our streets. Time to round their black asses up and ship them out of here, perhaps Liberia would be the place to send them? As you say, this “useless nigger” should be EXECUTED immediately, summarily on the street if necessary.

      • They should be airlifted only half-way to Liberia, then thrown out of the plane. Without a parachute. Sharks gotta eat too . . .

  2. The system is set up against hard working people. Turnstile justice by liberal/communist/Bernie judges allow these savages to commit crimes freely but we’re told whitey is the problem.

  3. It isn’t police reform that is needed, it is reform of the Democrat-run District Attorney offices, and the liberal Judges who let these people back out on the street, that needs to be reformed. These two entities…D.A.’s and liberal Judges, have more victim’s blood on their hands than the police departments ever have. I think it’s time someone did a study to determine just how many bodies these D.A.’s and Judges across the country, have specifically been responsible for. I’m betting the number would be alarming.

    • Fuck Bush. That bastard led America into a useless war over the 9/11 inside job. And don’t forget the terrible “Patriot Act” already written up waiting for the attack on America to happen. Bush, coward Cheney, clown Rumsfeld, and the rest of the low lives planned and executed 9/11.

  4. Blacks and Democrats protect their own criminals.

    That is why the Chicongo Democrat establishment goes easy on Black criminals.

    In fact, Democrats are defined by their lawlessness and criminality.

    If Democrats were serious about stopping gun crime, they would disarm themselves and their kind.

  5. Politicians are removing protections against law suits from officers to make them hesitant to step out of line, or to provide recourse to those who have been harmed by police action. The same should protection should be removed from prosecutors for the same reason. Likewise there should be a limit to the protection provided to judges.

    It should be possible for direct victims of policies implemented by Soro’s bought “Trojan Horse Prosecutors” to be held accountable in a court of law. Kamala Harris would be broke, and broken if she had to pay for her mistakes in civil court.

  6. I only live a few hours from Chicago and have only been there one time about 10 years ago and was pretty nervous the whole time I was there with my wife. I just wanted to see the city, but being a white male, I did not feel safe at all….. the so called “white privilege” doesn’t exist there. Driving while white in Chicago is no joke….but even if I were a black person I would not feel safe with the targeting of black on black murders a daily reality. I would never drive into that city or area again….but that is true with a lot of big cities run by these liberal marxist democrats….they are not safe for any race.

    • People working or visiting in most Memphis hospitals usually wait for armed security guards to escort them to the parking lot. Those that don’t wait are usually, robbed, raped and/or murdered.

  7. Anyone aiding someone who commits a crime where someone dies is as guilty as the person committing the crime. Unless you’re special, like a judge or a mayor or maybe a governor. I don’t think anyone should be above the law.

    • Make it a lamppost in the city; it offers more deterrence in the cities, where it originates, and our forests are too pretty to sully with garbage.

  8. Whoever released this animal should be charged with being an accessory to murder–and sent to HeII along with the perp.

    I’ve thought for a time that we can still count on law and order, but in lots of places in the US, we no longer have law and order. It’s up to we, the people, to improve our world by removing evil from it.

  9. Hey Baxter, where does the 2nd amendment say anything about gun registration? It doesn’t and if ignoramuses stopped repeating this lie some people might open their eyes and say no to these tyrannical laws. I know this is not the actual subject of your piece but you do repeat the lie. As far as anything like justice being dispensed I am not holding my breath. My expectation of anything being done to end crime in Chicago is just a high. Call me cynical.

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