Trump Vows To “Immediately Fire” Biden’s “Marxist Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Czars”

Fact checked
Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has promised, if elected, to immediately remove all the woke characters that have been allowed to infest every federal agency under Joe Biden.

Speaking at the annual CPAC conference, Trump pointed to Biden’s “Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce” and vowed to fire everyone hired under it.

Trump told the crowd: “Day One I will revoke Joe Biden’s executive order installing marxist diversity, equity, and inclusion czars in every federal agency”

He added: “I will immediately terminate all staffers hired to implement this horrible agenda”


  1. Go Donald, GO!
    Isn’t it obvious that for every zar, every agency and every title made up by the feral government has made life worse instead of better? Dismantle every fake agency and fire every unnecessary feral employee.

  2. He may ‘Vow’ anything he wants to promise, like “draining the swamp,” but that proved to be impossible with the fascist system of the banksters staying the same. Always!

  3. He can’t fire the Pope, the Jesuit General, the Cardinals Bishops or any other members of the Catholic Church.

    • What’s your obsession with the Pope? Are you engaged in a sexual relationship? That’s all you talk about on every effing thread.

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