Vicious Attack On Anti-Vaxxers

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As more people start to question the validity and efficacy of vaccinations, the media is seemingly joining forces in an attempt to ridicule anyone who appears to be anti-vaccine.

Here, US talk-show host  Jimmy Kimmel takes the opportunity to devalue the views of anyone who is concerned that vaccines might be dangerous. Unsurprisingly, Kimmel’s narrow-minded views have led to much outrage. On the Natural News website, a reporter claimed Kimmel “makes fun of vaccine-damaged children, revives hate speech bigotry on national TV”. In today’s news, Kimmel refuses to back down.

Natural News reports:

Throughout U.S. history, certain selected groups of citizens have been subjected to extreme verbal, judicial and even physical abuse at the hands of bigoted oppressors. The historical abuse of African-Americans — subjected to generations of abusive language and racism that still lingers today — was villainously summed up with a bigoted hate speech label I dare not utter here.

Gay Americans were similarly subjected to the label of “f-@@-t,” a hate-based derogatory slur invoked to demean a human being because of their sexual orientation. It was this campaign of verbal abuse and derogatory hate speech that helped give rise to violence against gays in America.

Importantly, every effort to demean and denigrate a selectively targeted class of citizens — whether for their skin color, their sexual orientation or their beliefs — has been preceded by a campaign of verbal abuse intended to dehumanize that targeted group. The invocation and use of bigoted, derogatory labels lays the social and cultural groundwork for not only discrimination but even actual violence committed against the groups being targeted.

Racism and hate speech are wrong. It is morally, politically and socially incorrect to use hate speech labels in a derogatory manner in a civilized society. These terms are hate-based forms of speech meant to emotionally hurt and demean targeted groups of innocent people. Yet, astonishingly, it has now emerged in America that it is socially acceptable to use precisely the same bigoted hate-speech language against another group: children who are damaged by vaccines (and children who are unvaccinated). This group is now being widely and aggressively disparaged with the hate-based term “anti-vaxxers.”

Jimmy Kimmel has now popularized hate-based bigotry toward-vaccine damaged children and their families

In a stunning demonstration of demeaning hate speech targeting children who have suffered brain damage from vaccines, comedian Jimmy Kimmel unleashed a satire comedy hit piece that, fifty years ago, would have almost certainly seen Kimmel making fun of black people. Twenty years ago, he would have been making fun of gay people. But today, in 2015, Jimmy Kimmel directs his ignorance, bigotry and demeaning hate speech toward vaccine-damaged children who are now labeled “anti-vaxxers.”

In this astonishing display of bigoted hate speech, Jimmy Kimmel legitimizes the public’s verbal abuse and aggressive bullying of children like Angelica Black, a child whose family was recently awarded a $2 million compensation by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program after it was factually proven that vaccines caused severe, permanent brain damage that crippled Angelica Black for life.

Most people who watch Jimmy Kimmel have no knowledge that a vaccine court was created by the U.S. Congress to compensate families of children who are provably damaged by vaccines. The court would not exist at all if vaccines were completely “safe and effective” as factually ignorant newscasters and ill-informed comedians insist. In fact, the vaccine court has so far paid out almost $3 billion in damages to families whose children were severely damaged by vaccines.

In fact, this government document called the “Vaccine Injury Table” lists all the conditions (including seizures and death) which are “presumed to be caused by vaccines.” It openly states that vaccine side effects can include “polio viral infections,” injury, disability and death. This table is only a small selection of the side effects which are openly admitted on vaccine insert sheets like this one.

That same flu shot insert sheet, by the way, openly states, “…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination.”

Those who claim vaccines are all about SCIENCE, it turns out, are kidding themselves. For many vaccines, real science is utterly lacking.

African-Americans are especially susceptible to vaccine damage

Not only is Jimmy Kimmel using bigoted hate speech language to demean crippled children who were damaged by vaccines; he’s also doing so in a manner that is utterly ignorant of the special risks posed to African-Americans by vaccines.

It was Dr. William Thompson, a top CDC scientist, who blew the whistle on the CDC’s vaccine research fraud last year, going public with his confession that the CDC knowingly covered up data linking vaccines to an increased risk of autism in young African-American boys.

As detailed in this story, the CDC scientist openly admitted:

My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

This story, which was universally censored by the entire national media, shows that Jimmy Kimmel’s attacks on vaccine-damaged children are, in fact, heightened attacks against black American babies.

Because of the increased risk of autism among African-Americans, there is a growing community of vaccine-damaged autistic black men in America. Jimmy Kimmel, a rich white guy, thinks that’s downright hilarious. It’s so damn funny, in fact, that Kimmel reaches for increased audience ratings by positioning vaccine-damaged babies — who are disproportionately black — as the butt of his jokes.

Jimmy Kimmel legitimizes the verbal abuse of children like Angelica Black, who was neurologically crippled by vaccines

Most newspapers dare not report the fact that children are routinely and systematically damaged by vaccines, out of fear of being strong-armed into retracting their true stories by Big Pharma operatives.

“The Charlotte Observer has done something that is quite rare: they have reported the truth about a child who received the recommended childhood vaccines, and then became brain damaged,” reports Health Impact News. “Will this story remain on the Internet, or will it face the same fate as a recent Toronto Star investigative report about girls damaged by the Gardasil vaccine? The Star editors bowed to pro-Pharma censorship pressure, and removed the story from their website. It is currently still available (for now) on the Internet Archive website here.”

As The Charlotte Observer newspaper reports, “As they started their family, Mooresville residents Theresa and Lucas Black dutifully got their children immunized, never doubting their doctor’s word that vaccines are safe and necessary. …But their faith in those promises was shaken in 2001, when their 3-month-old daughter, Angelica, developed life-threatening seizures and brain damage just three days after getting several vaccinations. The child’s Charlotte neurologist diagnosed her with vaccine-related encephalopathy, or brain injury.”

Despite the fact that the Black family is, by definition, a “pro-vaccine” family that dutifully got their children vaccinated, they have been subjected to verbal abuse and bullying for the simple reason that they were awarded compensation by the vaccine court.

“…Theresa Black said she has felt bullied in recent weeks by reaction to the California measles outbreak that has spread to 16 other states,” reports the Observer.

In other words, merely being the parent of a child who has been permanently damaged by vaccines — a fact proven in the courts — now gets you subjected to bigoted hate speech attacks in America.

And who encourages this sort of verbal abuse against innocent children and families who have been put through absolute medical hell by unsafe products that destroyed the life of a little girl? People like Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel thinks this brain-damaged little girl is a laughing matter. And because Angelica Black’s brain is damaged, she is unable to respond to Jimmy Kimmel and call him the bigoted handicapped child basher he has now become.

That is why I have decided to speak up for children like Angelica, using the voice and platform I have been blessed with in my own mission to protect life, end human suffering and preserve the fundamental freedoms and human dignity that Gandhi spoke of when he warned about vaccines being a “fatal delusion” that must be resisted at all costs.

So let me publicly say what Angelica Black cannot: To Jimmy Kimmel and all who have engaged in bigoted hate speech targeting vaccine-damaged children, you now give credence to hate-filled derogatory labels through your verbal abuse of “anti-vaxxer” children and families.

You, Jimmy Kimmel, have legitimized the popular verbal abuse of brain-damaged children, the new subclass of vaccine victims who, unlike Martin Luther King, cannot speak for themselves to answer your bigotry and ignorance.

Jimmy Kimmel targets crippled children, reverses decades of progress and takes America back to the era of bigoted hate speech against innocent victims

With all the progress that has been made in America over the last fifty years, fighting back against ignorance and bigotry over skin color, religious affiliation and sexual orientation, Jimmy Kimmel has now set us back decades.

He has displayed on national television not only the fact the he and his entire staff are ignorant, bigoted child-haters, but that they also encourage bigoted hate speech against yet another targeted group of innocent victims.

Has America not yet learned that hate-based terms are unacceptable to use in a civilized society? Must people like Jimmy Kimmel now invent and publicize new terms of hatred and ignorance to unleash upon more groups of unfortunate victims who must now endure the public humiliation, bullying and death threats of the masses who have been given permission to engage in bigotry by watching shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Jimmy Kimmel now encouraging violence against crippled “anti-vaxxer” children in the same way violence was committed against blacks and gays

“Jimmy Kimmel, by scapegoating parents who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines, may inadvertently be encouraging violence against crippled “anti-vaxxer” children in the same way violence followed the denigrating language used against black and gays,” radio host Robert Scott Bell told Natural News. Bell is the author of this article calling out Jimmy Kimmel for his verbal abuse of children who have been damaged by vaccines.

Vaccines, it turns out, are a form of medical violence against children for the simple reason that they provably cause extreme, permanent damage in many children year after year. But medical violence isn’t the only violence that Jimmy Kimmel now seems to be promoting… he’s also provoking individual acts of violence against so-called “anti-vaxxers” through his emotionally-charged, hate-filled rhetoric disguised as comedy.

Historically, it was the public tolerance of hate speech against African-Americans and gays that encouraged some people to engage in violent acts against them. After all, a group of people who are verbally belittled with derogatory and bigoted hate speech by public figures is an easy target for those with violent tendencies.

Over the years, countless violent attacks were committed against African-Americans and gays. The black community, in particular, suffered not merely from violence committed at the personal level, but even violence committed against them by the federal government.

The FBI, in particular, ran a seemingly endless campaign of threats, intimidation and violence against black America, even issuing a letter to Martin Luther King that called for the civil rights leader to commit suicide.

“There is but one way out for you,” the FBI wrote MLK in a widely-publicized letter. “You better take it before your filthy, abnormal, fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”

This language seemingly echoes the abusive comedy skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live, which positions informed, intelligent parents of healthy children as being “idiots” whose children are described as a threat to society. That the term “anti-vaxxer” refers to innocent children — many who are permanently brain damaged by vaccines — makes it even more of an outrageous example of hate speech. And now, thanks to efforts of bigoted haters of crippled children like Jimmy Kimmel, we may very well see outbreaks of violence committed against families of vaccine-damaged children.

It begs the question: Will Jimmy Kimmel and his staff at ABC then make fun of the homes of “anti-vaxxers” being set on fire? How about parents of vaccine-damaged children being beaten on the streets? Haven’t these victims of unsafe vaccines already suffered enough through their own children being permanently brain-damaged? Must they also suffer the humiliation and verbal abuse of a society that denies their child was damaged by vaccines in the first place?

It’s time to take a stand and call for the resignation of Jimmy Kimmel

Bigots like Jimmy Kimmel have no place in a society that has fought so hard against bigotry and racism over the last several generations.

Any TV show host that openly encourages ignorance, bigotry and hatred against crippled children who were damaged by unsafe vaccines is a show host who has no place on American television, period!

Think back to the Johnny Carson era. Johnny was a true classic, and he was a man who never would have made brain-damaged children the brunt of a bigoted satire skit. Carson honored people and celebrated their diversity. He had true compassion for children and radiated a sense of dignity and respect.

Jimmy Kimmel, on the other hand, is a bigot who uses innocent crippled children to boost his ratings by making them the butt of his cruel jokes. His ignorant bigotry and hate speech openly encourages verbal abuse and physical violence against innocent families and their children. Jimmy Kimmel quite literally thinks it’s funny that vaccines damage thousands of children in America and cause seizures, brain damage and autism. Jimmy Kimmel thinks it is socially acceptable to call the parents of these children “idiots” and dignify the new hate speech label “anti-vaxxer” with nationwide publicity.

Jimmy Kimmel is no Johnny Carson. He is an embarrassment to America and a man who lacks basic human compassion for crippled children who have been provably harmed for life by unsafe vaccines.

ACTION ITEM: Demand ABC fire Jimmy Kimmel

Call ABC now at: 818- 460-7477

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In support of Mr. Kimmel, a pro-vaccine writer on the US news website Salon says:

“If you ever needed an excuse to love Jimmy Kimmel as much as Jimmy Kimmel hates Matt Damon, the late-night host keeps giving us reason, with his tough as nails messages to the people who still think not vaccinating their kids is a great idea.

On his Los Angeles-based show last week, he took a moment to reference the severity of a problem that in the past several weeks has led to an unprecedented measles outbreak, chiding parents who “are more afraid of gluten than smallpox.” And acknowledging that “You probably aren’t going to take medical advice from a talk show host, and I don’t expect you to” in a sly dig to departed co-host of “The View,” Jenny McCarthy, he said, “I would expect you to take medical advice from almost every doctor in the world” – you know, the people who don’t “learn about the human body from their friends’ Facebook page.”

Kimmel, a father of a baby daughter himself, then presented a prerecorded message from a group of real and refreshingly foul-mouthed doctors who support vaccinations, to deliver a bleep-heavy PSA to explain that “The potential downsides of vaccinations are almost nonexistent,” and to add that “I cannot f—king believe we have to make this PSA.” “Remember that time you got polio?” another doctor asks. “No, you don’t, because your parents got you f—king vaccinated.”

Kimmel’s crusade has made for some fascinating television lately, and it’s pretty great to see a person with his platform — with the support of his network — go at it with such gusto. On Monday night, Kimmel gleefully returned to the fray, reading some of the angry tweets his segment inspired, including those from people calling him a “sellout” and “worse than priests abusing boys and Bill Cosby drugging girls.” “So you see,” he observed, vowing not to apologize, “people are taking a reasonable approach to this.” He then sent out his “community activist team” Jack and Becky out to the streets with a petition in support of “a child’s right to choose,” asking parents, “Is there anything else you’ve injected your child with, besides betrayal?” Unsurprisingly, Kimmel’s hard line has continued to draw outrage. On Natural News Monday, a “Health Ranger” reporter claimed Kimmel “makes fun of vaccine-damaged children, revives hate speech bigotry on national TV” and then somehow made a leap to racism and “violence against gays in America.”

Parenting is intense and intimate and emotional business. Most of us are honestly trying to do our best by our kids. But as Kimmel said Monday, this is not about making fun of people whose families have been affected by autism. And as he explained, Kimmel has autism in his own family. Last year, he hosted a fundraiser for the Dave Rice Foundation for autism, and in 2013, he participated in the Skechers Pier to Pier Friendship Walk for children with special needs. Loving kids means wanting the best for all of them. Being on the side of facts and evidence and science does not make a person a hater. Supporting non-ignorance based choices is not mean. If you’re putting your child – and other people’s children – in the way of harm, you’re being selfish, plain and simple. And you should be challenged about that as often and as loudly as possible.”

So there’s both sides of the story. All in all though, does anyone really care what a TV chat show host thinks… about ANYTHING?? Watch the video and see what you make of the attack. (Oh, and what’s with the blaspheming doctors? An oath is one thing, a torrent of swear words is another thing altogether…)


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