Simpson Figured Out Higgs Boson 14 Years Before Scientists

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Homer Simpson is a genius. According to a recent book, he came very close to explaining the ‘God Particle’- Higgs Boson – back in the 90’s. The God particle, was allegedly confirmed to exist by CERN in 2013.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN (a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world) is shortly due to know for sure its existence by creating the conditions that existed during the ‘Big Bang‘. At the time of the original ‘Big Bang’, the Universe came into existence, with all its potential power in a Jiffy. Professor Stephen Hawking- Black hole specialist, has warned against the forthcoming experiment, warning of a Mini Big Bang coming into existence in Geneva, that will swallow everything up in its vicinity in double quick time- faster than time itself.

The producers of the TV show had some mathematical knowledge and used it in a 1998 episode “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” which features Homer taking on a new persona as an inventor. Homer draws an equation on the chalkboard that almost predicted the mass of the elementary particle. According to a new book by Dr. Simon Singh the author of ‘The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets’. “That equation predicts the mass of the Higgs boson” Simon Singh said. “If you work it out, you get the mass of a Higgs boson that’s only a bit larger than the nano-mass of a Higgs boson actually is. It’s kind of amazing as Homer makes this prediction 14 years before it was discovered. ‘The Simpsons is the most mathematical TV show on prime-time television in history,’ adding: ‘A lot of the writers on The Simpsons are mathematicians.

The article asks what could have happened if Homer stopped eating donuts long enough to figure it out!

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The Higgs particle, if found will link together many scientific puzzles into one, and explain the most outstanding questions in science- What is Gravity? which would then answer what Mass is; which would then link the Subatomic world of Particles and the bigger material physical observable Universe. That would then reaffirm the Big Bang theory and the other theories that have stemmed off from it. All that from the comfort of home- planet Earth.
Basically it will explain a whole lot and unify some of the sciences. What would be interesting is what Professor Hawking will make of it in his field of Black Holes- were everything could be reduced into a Singularity.

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