Men Can Breastfeed Their Babies Thanks To Japanese Invention

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A Japanese company has created a device that allows men to breastfeed their children

The bizarre new gadget called a ‘Father’s Nursing Assistant’ is a wearable device that resembles breasts

Created by Japanese company Dentsu the ‘nursing assistant’ allows men to carry milk and feed the baby from an artificial nipple.

Thinkinghumanity reports: The device wraps over one shoulder and the silicon nipple dispenses milked when sucked upon. It means that mothers no longer need to get up in the middle of the night or be present when their children are being fed. The device also replicates the closeness that a baby might not receive when if it was to be fed from a bottle.

But this isn’t just a simple milk dispenser that is strapped to the father, the device comes with a whole host of features that really improves the experience. For instance, The Father’s Nursing Assistant heats up and vibrates, replicating the temperature of milk that comes directly from the human body and even has devices that allows you to track your baby’s sleeping pattern, sending the data straight to your smartphone.

In a press release, the company said:

“The amount of time infants in Japan spend sleeping is shorter compared to the rest of the world. Much of the parental stress and difficulties surrounding childrearing are related to feeding and sleeping, and generally, the rate of participation by fathers tends to be low. Breastfeeding is also effective at helping the parent sleep-a benefit that is currently skewed toward women. Focusing on breastfeeding, we aim to decrease the amount of burden on mothers and increase the number of time infants sleep by enabling fathers to breastfeed.”

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