King Charles Vows To Abolish the Church of England

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King Charles orders the abolishment of the Church of England

The Church of England’s primary purpose is now to destroy itself, according to an edict issued by King Charles.

King Charles is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders and he has previously publicly declared his support for the creation of a One World Government and the complete abolishment of all religions.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who works under The King, announced the establishment of a £100 million fund to “address past wrongs of slavery” during a time of severe financial crisis within the Church of England.

Per The Telegraph:

The Church Commissioners, which handles more than £10 billion of assets for the Church of England, announced the pledge on Tuesday following last year’s publication of a report which found that much of the institution’s wealth originates from the slave trade.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Justin Welby, acknowledged that the £100 million cash injection comes amid mounting concern over parishes’ “stretched” finances.

However, he insisted that “it is now time to take action to address our shameful past”. reports: Following the announcement of the new fund, parishioners and clergy criticised the Archbishop for “suddenly” having “around £100 million behind the back of the sofa” when vicars are losing their jobs and parishes are being merged.

However, the Church Commissioners said that its new fund is vital in redressing the “shameful and horrific sin” of exploiting and owning human lives for profit. 

It added that the money would pay for a programme of investment, research and engagement. It said this would include funding to support “communities affected by historic slavery”, as well as funding to pay for further research into dioceses’, cathedrals’ and parishes’ historic links with slavery.

Responding to the massive fund, the Revd Marcus Walker, founder of the Save The Parish (STP) campaign group, said:

Suddenly, the Church has money. After decades of telling us that there is no money to fund the churches and priests who keep the Church alive on the front line, suddenly they’ve found £100 million behind the back of the sofa. Only last year they told us they couldn’t afford to fund the £12 million which would have cleared all the deficits run up by churches which were caused by Covid, or the £24 million which would clear the deficits in dioceses – the main driver of church closures and clergy sackings. How can the Church have the brass neck ever to ask for another penny from its parishes again?

What joys now await the dwindling worshippers of the Church of England, who – if they decide to stick around – will have to endure a further £100 million of hectoring and race-baiting over the alleged misdeeds of their ancestors, while their drafty buildings fall down around them.


  1. Historically, the Queens was the authority over religions and here comes king charles trying to be the king of kings. Where are your Knights in shining armor Charlie? Oh! You have no followers.

  2. [3] After that certain Churches had renounced this universal power of the Pope, one would expect, in reason, that the civil sovereigns in all those Churches should have recovered so much of it as (before they had unadvisedly let it go) was their own right and in their own hands. And in England it was so in effect; saving that they by whom the kings administered the government of religion, by maintaining their employment to be in God’s right, seemed to usurp, if not a supremacy, yet an independency on the civil power: and they but seemed to usurp it, inasmuch as they acknowledged a right in the king to deprive them of the exercise of their functions at his pleasure.

    [4] But in those places where the presbytery took that office, though many other doctrines of the Church of Rome were forbidden to be taught; yet this doctrine, that the kingdom of Christ is already come, and that it began at the resurrection of our Saviour, was still retained. But cui bono? What profit did they expect from it? The same which the popes expected: to have a sovereign power over the people. For what is it for men to excommunicate their lawful king, but to keep him from all places of God’s public service in his own kingdom; and with force to resist him when he with force endeavoureth to correct them? Or what is it, without authority from the civil sovereign, to excommunicate any person, but to take from him his lawful liberty, that is, to usurp an unlawful power over their brethren? The authors therefore of this darkness in religion are the Roman and the Presbyterian clergy.

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994. [Leviathan: Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness; Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness, and to Whom it Accrueth]

  3. Cancel Premier League and all lower Leagues. Then cancel all sport teams. There is slavery. They sell ”players” for fun and profit. Cancel Corporations, there is slavery. Cancel Army, there is slavery.

  4. King Charles = KC = 33 (k = 11 and C = 3. 3×11 = 33).
    Charles III = CIII =33. ( C = 3 and III = 33)
    Prince Charles – PC = 33 ( P = 11 reverse alphabet, C = 3 )
    Code 33 for Sodomy.
    Charles, a sodomite king who worship Osiris, Horus, Azazel.

  5. The Church of England is a disgrace.
    Charles has to swear to uphold the Church as his legal obligation under his Coronation Oath. The Church Crowns him, he doesn’t Crown them. He must have some very curious Constitiuonal lawyers Kings and Queens councillors advising him and secretly working to empower him to revolt against the Church and help Bury God and Jesus as fictions.

  6. Lol
    King turd
    Ruling our British cousins so well.
    But how did we get here…
    King Edward the 8 maybe!
    Jewish replacement koming…
    King Willie boy.

  7. This article does not discuss king charles’ vow to abolish church of england.
    Disappointed by the misleading headline. Click bait at its finest.

  8. It hasn’t been a “church” in a long time. However, before they go i would like reparations for my ancestors they murdered.

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