China Threatens US With ‘Counter Measures’ Over $1 Billion Arms Sale To Taiwan

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China has warned the United States that there will be “counter-measures” unless the Biden administration revokes it $1.1billion arms sales deal to Taiwan.

On Friday the US on announced the arms package for Taiwan, including missiles to destroy ships and aircraft, and vowed to keep boosting the island’s defenses as tensions soar with Beijing,

The Mail Online reports: China, calling Taiwan an ‘inalienable’ part of its territory, said the United States to should ‘immediately revoke’ the arms sales.

‘It sends wrong signals to “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and severely jeopardizes China-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,’ said Liu Pengyu, spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington.

‘China will resolutely take legitimate and necessary counter-measures in light of the development of the situation,’ he said.

The sale comes a month after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defiantly visited the self-governing democracy, prompting mainland China to launch a show of force that could be a trial run for a future invasion.

The package — the largest for Taiwan approved under President Joe Biden’s administration — includes $665 million for contractor support to maintain and upgrade a Raytheon early radar warning system in operation since 2013 that would warn Taiwan about an incoming attack.

Taiwan will also spend some $355 million to buy 60 Harpoon Block II missiles which can track and sink incoming vessels if China launches an assault by water.

The arms also include $85.6 million for more than 100 Sidewinder missiles, a mainstay of Western militaries for their air-to-air firepower.

The announcement comes one day after Taiwanese forces shot down an unidentified commercial drone amid a sudden spate of mysterious incursions that have unnerved the island following the earlier show of force by Beijing, which said it fired ballistic missiles over the capital Taipei.

A spokesperson for the State Department, which approved the sale, said the package was ‘essential for Taiwan’s security’ and stressed that the United States still recognized only Beijing and not Taipei.


  1. The US is going to sell the Taiwanese crappy weapons that will have back doors that the Chinese can get in and control.
    US doesn’t want to help Taiwan.

  2. The only thing that will save Taiwan is nukes. According to Dr. Samuel Cohen, inventor of the Neutron Bomb. Taiwan has nukes. So, pretty little Taiwan might be carrying a flamethrower in her purse.

  3. Biden has to watch his words. He has to remember he is on China’s payroll. Selling out the West is the real plague and Biden/Trudeau are both paid assets to xi

  4. For the bigger picture, but still not really anywhere near honest enough about “America is our barracks” Churchill have a look at
    Nuclear war is not only imaginable, but planned – True Story Documentary Channel.
    NB 1 nuclear bomb dropped every day, every single day non stop for 12 years.
    So the bomb making serial mass murderers know they can go to town with bombs, or think they can, on Asians now and eurasians Eg Russians, who are mainly eurasians, not Europeans, that is just the western Moscow St Peters burg crew, and many there are really of Asian descent too.
    And of course they’ve never had any qualms about bombing the middle East and islamistsAlways managed to find justification somehow in their bag of tricks. As if by magic, witchcraft or on English now translated to science.

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