Orthodox Jews Reject Zionism, Burn Israeli Flag, Wait For Messiah

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Some very unorthodox Israelis fail to recognize Zionism and the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.

They burn the flag of the country they live in, anticipating the arrival of a ‘Messianic Age.’

Ultra-Orthodox Jews living in Israel believe that the formation of the Jewish state is forbidden in Judaism until the arrival of the Jewish Messiah.

Viewly reports:

If there’s one thing that Israel is not, it’s a unified and balanced nation. It might come to many as a surprise to learn that on top of the genetic evidence from Israel’s own universities that many alleged ‘jews’ in Israel are not genetically Jews at all – but that the orthodox Jews who keep to their book – the Torah – actively reject the entire idea of the nation of Israel and say that those who support Israel are going against God!

According to the Torah and the orthodox Jewish groups, the Jewish people are to stay in exile until their Messianic age comes to Earth.

Aliyah, the Hebrew word meaning “ascending” or “going up”, is the word used to describe religious Jewish return to Israel, and has been used since ancient times – though as you can read on the Wikipedia page for ‘Anti-Zionism’, the word and idea has been open to interpretation, leading to a split among the religion’s followers.

Some are so opposed to the Zionist formation of the nation of Israel that they regularly, openly burn the Israeli flag.

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